My latest Sam Moon finds


FULL DISCLAIMER: This is a lame attempt at a post on Sassy Looks!

I just wanted to tell you the truth upfront that this is a lame post! If you ever go over to the full blown website and see the category under “Sassy Looks” then you would know that I haven’t updated it since March! And it’s been really bothering me!

It is usually  the section of the blog when I get my friends together and we take pictures at a new store in town. I have been trying since June to get various friends together. And they have all been on vacation! It doesn’t really help that I now work full time so I am limited in free time.

Anyway, I am going to use this post to update that portion of my blog without pictures of my friends. Sigh. It just isn’t the same!

I had forgotten how much fun it is to dress up every day. I had spent the last couple of years working part time  from home, I could usually be found in various colors of yoga pants! Well not anymore! I am now used to wearing high heels again. It didn’t take my 8 year old daughters long to notice because they started wearing my shoes and putting on my costume jewelry. Funny how they didn’t want to copy the yoga pant look!

Did y’all remember that I am slightly addicted to costume jewelry?  I guess it explains my deep relationships with Sam Moon and that charming guy Charlie. Although, lately, I have been hanging out with Sam Moon more since I got a gift card for my birthday. The prices are so cheap that I still have a balance on it!

Here are a few things that I bought recently at Sam Moon in San Antonio. It hasn’t been open very long and people are still discovering what it is all about. It’s basically a huge discount place for accessories. I go there for trendy items that I know will be out of style in about a year or so. Some of their stuff falls apart so choose your purchases wisely! And I do like their selection of purses. They seem to last a lot longer.

I love the colors in this necklace. You can also adjust the length. It comes with matching earrings. I found a gold dome ring to replace the one I had that fell apart. (Got that one that fell apart at Charming Charlie though). The necklace set was $12.95 and he ring was $14.


I love this shade of cobalt blue. I have a lot of outfits that this matches. It also has some gold in it so I can wear my new ring with it too! I love big rings!

Finally, I found the hat I took on vacation to Charleston at Sam Moon right before I left.

Did y’all know that everyone wears hats in Charleston? I felt right at home. The hat hangs down below my eyes which can be good when I have no make up on but it makes it kind of hard to see! It was perfect for the beach since I am one of those people that hides from the sun. These are the twins and my niece Lauren on vacation. I put this picture on my Facebook page and one of my friends said that I reminded her of Ouiser on Steel Magnolias! 

The hat was only $11. and it matches a ton of maxi dresses that I have been wearing. They have a pretty big selection of hats in case you want to get your Steel Magnolia on too!

Well, that’s the end of my lame attempt to update my sassy look category for the blog.

I know this was riveting reading but you can’t say that I didn’t warn you upfront!

Stay Sassy Y’all.


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