You Don’t Know About Sam Moon?


Did ya’ll know that I lived in Dallas for twelve years? Well, I did. I moved up there to go to college and experience the big city. It’s where I met the big Stud. Some mutual friends fixed us up on a blind date. He had been dating someone for seven years but proposed to me after we had dated just six weeks! He was in love and so was I! I said yes.

I didn’t mean to get all gushy. Our 18th anniversary is coming up in July so I am sure to give you more details next month. This is a post about shopping at wholesale prices!

There are a lot of things that I miss about Dallas.

Traffic is not one of them.








Behind family and friends, the thing I miss the most about Dallas is shopping at wholesale prices  at this place:

 Sam Moon.

I have been buying purses,scarves,costume jewelry,belts,hair bows and everything else in between at Sam Moon since the early 90’s. I used to go when you had to have a wholesale market card and buy at least 30.00 worth of merchandise.

Yes, Sam and I go way back.

When ladies in town for the Mary Kay conventions and Cheer camps started shopping here, it got busy. Tour buses showed up. Fire Marshalls had to be called in for crowd control on Saturdays. Well you knew women couldn’t keep cheap accessories a secret for very long.

It has now morphed into some mega retailer conglomerate with locations all over the state of Texas. They even have added separate stores with luggage and home decor.

When I am in Dallas,, I stop by Sam Moon to buy something trendy. I don’t like spending a lot of money on a piece of jewelry that will go out of style in a season or two. I took these pictures when I shopped at their Harry Hines location on Monday morning as we were headed out of town. Excuse the quality of the pictures, I took them with my iPad. I had to take them in a hurry. They don’t like you taking pictures in their store. I did it anyway because I am sassy like that and I wanted to show you what it looks like inside!

The store is huge! You could be in there for hours. I wouldn’t take the hubby or your boyfriend unless you want to hear about how you made them wait outside for hours as you shopped in Sam Moon for your very first time.

Dress comfortably. Hydrate and stretch.

Repeat if necessary. You will be in there awhile.





Toddler and Tiara Moms will be spotted.

Beauty queens will too.

Even those of us that just want to be queen for a day.






Hair Bows are in abundance or you can buy them individually.

I bought a dozen for $12.99. The really big ones.

Well of course I did!





Pins are all the rage right now.

They were priced around $5-8 dollars according to size.

The ones for your hair were priced in that range too.






Here is the men’s section.  The whole thing. Right in the middle of hair pieces;  that would be women’s hair pieces!







They had tons of hats in all shapes,sizes and colors.

They were priced at $9 and up.







We took a look in their home decor store located next door.

This was my first visit. I usually go to the Frisco location that doesn’t have a separate home decor store.

This is one is near their Harry Hines center.

The prices were good but I didn’t find anything that spectacular.







Well, maybe these wine holders!

Who knew you needed a wine holder shaped like a high heel?

They were fun but I wasn’t paying $20.00 for them.

Sassy is cheap and practical too.


Dang it.



OK, I  did take home this necklace and earring set. I couldn’t help myself. It was $14.99.

This and hair bows were all I left with yesterday.

Your best bets are the purses,belts,scarves and sterling jewelry. They hold up well. Some of the costume jewelry falls apart pretty easily. I buy them because they are trendy and cheaper than in the department stores.

You can find all the Sam Moon locations on their website SAMMOON. 






Dallas might have more shopping but there is no place like home.

I was glad to be back in San Antonio.

Home Sweet Home.


Stay Sassy Y’all.


UPDATE: San Antonio is getting our very own Sam Moon! It opens on May 9th  2013 per the billboard that is up near the airport! Thanks to my reader Cathy for sending me a picture of it! It is right across the street from North Star Mall.

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  1. Mary Ann says:

    you know they have one in Austin by The Domain!!! Another shopping Mecca. I stop almost every time I go to corporate. After all it is basically across the street!

    • Lucky you! I am never in that part of Austin anymore or I would stop by there. We still have family and friends in Dallas so it is just a given that we have to see what they have when we are in town. I love their purses the most! Thanks for taking the time to comment and sharing your LOVE of Sam Moon Mary Ann!

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