There’s No Place Like Home

Sometimes you need a little trip down a back road!

Sometimes you need a little trip down a back road!

I just got back from a trip to my hometown of Kilgore, Texas. I was there for a little work and a lot of visiting with my family.

It rained most of the week. And I’ll never complain about rain after suffering through years of drought but it does put a damper on some things.

My sister Kathryn and I spent a lot of the week driving around the back roads and reminiscing about growing up. We had the oldie station blaring on the radio which caused us to bust out in random singing to our favorite tunes. What’s not to love about a little Delta Dawn and anything ever recorded by Willie Nelson?

We thought we were awesome singers and maybe ready for an audition on The Voice?!

I think she's saying, "May I help you?"


The cows even heard us.

I think she might be saying, “Please stop butchering that song.”

OK, maybe butchering isn’t a good word to use for a cow.

What do I know, I’m a city girl now!


Now, that's just rude!

Now, that’s just rude!

I think I offended her cow sensibilities.

Well, I have never……

Our singing wasn’t that bad was it?

In between rain storms we ate out a lot and made a necessary stop at the Charburger with my brother John for a burger fix. I have to have a mini #2 and a bowl of their beans and hush puppies to give my life balance and meaning! And life has even more meaning if you wash it down with some of their sweet tea.

Hand crafted coffee at Lozano's in Downtown KilgoreThe new coffee shop downtown called Lozano’s kept us highly caffeinated with their signature Horchata drink.

I also caught up with my high school friends Charlotte and Still who have brought De Rigueur to the ladies of East Texas. I took some pictures of Charlotte and her goddaughter Destiny around downtown Kilgore.  I can’t wait to show you the beautiful clothes that they modeled that are curated by the talented Still Collum. He has shown his talents in fashion to the Kilgore community since working at the Toggery in high school. He definitely has a gift for making women feel special.

Jerome wanted to be sassy too!

Jerome wanted to be sassy too! Pictured with Destiny and Charlotte 

The rain held off to almost the exact minute that the last picture was taken. And we had to snap one with Jerome in front of The Modern Barber Shop. It actually reminds me of Floyd’s Barber Shop on the Andy Griffith Show, so I’m not quite sure how modern that would be but everyone loves Jerome and James. I love this picture with the trucks in the background!

I made it back home yesterday after attending a wedding in Aransas Pass. It’s been a whirlwind of a week.  I’m busy editing all the pictures and trying to decide which ones to post. There are just so many good ones! It’s hard to decide. I should have them up on the blog over the next few days.

My heart is full and my mind is thinking about my family in Kilgore.

We will be coming back soon for the Kilgore High School graduation ceremony. My niece and nephew will be among the students in the red and white cap and gowns.

Sniff. Sniff.

When did they grow up?

Can y’all sing with me the school song for old times sake?

Let’s sing a song to Kilgore High.
Cherish her name as days go by,
The grandest school from East to West.
Here’s to old KHS.
Kilgore High, oh how we love to sing thee.
Kilgore High, our grateful hearts we bring thee,
Here’s to thee our Alma Mater,
Here’s to old KHS!

So much nostalgia, so little time!


Stay Sassy Y’all. 



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