The Magic of Rainbows


We were at a hotel this weekend right across from the Tobin Performing Arts Center.

It was a birthday sleepover party for our ten year old girls and a few friends.

What’s not to love about eating potato chips and cupcakes, ordering pizza and swimming in a hotel  pool?

We didn’t think we would get to swim because of the rainstorm. Thank heavens we came prepared with games of Twister and Monopoly. I mean, they are Girl Scouts and prepared for anything!

When the rain finally stopped and the sun started peeking through the clouds, I declared it was time to go swimming.

I have never seen girls change clothes so fast.

They were so thrilled to be in the pool and wasted no time giggling and splashing each other so much that I had to get on to them for being too loud.

And then all of a sudden there was silence.

They all stopped and stared at something in the sky.

No one said a word, they just kept looking up.

I finally looked behind me to see what exactly had made them so quiet.

It was a rainbow.

A beautiful and magical rainbow that looked as if it wrapped itself around the Tobin Center. The way in which the sunlight hit the building made it glow and turn colors right before your eyes.

I don’t know that I have ever seen anything quite so breathtaking.

When I finally realized that I should capture this moment to remember,  I called my husband to tell him to bring the camera downstairs. I didn’t tell him yet what it was for because I wanted to see the look on his face when he first saw the rainbow.

He didn’t say a word either. He just started taking pictures. He knew that the rainbow might disappear at any minute. He tried to get the entire rainbow in one shot.

It was just too big.

I’m not sure what image is my favorite. They are all a little different, just like the sweet girls who experienced the magic of a rainbow.

I do know that I will always remember the unique experience of this weekend.

The look of sheer joy and wonder on their faces was magical for me.

The beauty of art.

The beauty of nature.

The beauty of friendships.

And the beauty of rainbows.

It was all so magical.

Rainbow Tobin Center

Rainbow Tobin Center

Rainbow Tobin Center Rainbow Tobin CenterRainbow Tobin Center Rainbow Tobin CenterRainbow Tobin Center

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