When Sassy Meets a Farmer’s Market


There’s been a lot going on lately between work and the end of the school year. Our kids are always involved in some way or another in sports activities. We wouldn’t have it any other way. And as most couples know, your marriage can take a backseat to all that activity.

I’ve blogged before about our “Secrets of a Pretty Happy Marriage.”  I have been giving my fair share of advice to my girlfriends these past couple of weeks. I was telling all the swim team moms about how my husband and I were determined not wake up one day as empty nesters and look at each other and think, “Who the heck are you?”

Marriage takes a lot of work and I guess we were overdue to pay a little attention to it when my husband blirted, “What hotel do you want to stay in for your birthday?’

I guess I was being a little cranky. OK, I was being a lotta cranky.

My man is so smart. He knows that the quickest way to turn things around for me is a high thread sheet count.  And if you throw in room service and a facial, then I’m good for the next year or so!

I used to feel so guilty being away from the kids overnight but now that they are older and it is 3 against the 2 of us, we have to join forces and regroup so we can move on! Plus, it is healthy for your kids to see you in love. I’ve been in such a better mood just knowing that we have a night out in the future, that it made my daughter ask at dinner the other night, “Mom, why are you making googly eyes at daddy? It’s kind of weird!”

We booked a room at the Eilan. We haven’t stayed there overnight yet and I was able to use my points on my credit card to pay for it. I’ve been there before when I took pictures of my friends pretending to be fashion models. Y’all it’s swanky! I can only imagine the thread sheet count! Is it weird that I also grade the hotel on how fluffy the robe is and heaven forbid if they don’t have a robe for you to wear!

The only other plans we have is to stroll around LaCantera and hold hands and eat dinner where we want to and leisurely read a real magazine at the bookstore. I already have my heart set on O Magazine!

Where am I going with all of this?

Oh, when I was doing my research on whether there was a new place to eat while we were pretending to be honeymooners again, I came across something unexpected!

There is going to be a new farmer’s market out at the Eilan and it starts THIS Sunday.

Do y’all remember how much we love a farmer’s market? Some of our very first few dates were at the Dallas Farmer’s Market!  We can fall in love all over again at the new swanky farmer’s market!

In case you want a little romance in your life this weekend too, here are the details about what is going to take place. You know I love to share my new finds and experiences. I might take my camera with me to share it with you but I might be too busy making googly eyes at my man to remember to actually take it out of the case.

It’s called Ripe: A Spirited Market at the Eilan. It’s the hotel across from the Rim and near Fiesta Texas. It is scheduled to have tomatoes, artisan cheeses, free -range eggs and loaves of fresh bread and fresh flowers. There is going to be cooking demonstrations and cookbook signings. And they will even have wine and spirit tastings, live music and face paintings and arts and crafts activities for the kids. There is going to be a food truck rodeo around the big fountain so you will have plenty of casual food options.  It is scheduled for this Sunday, June 23rd from 10am to 2pm on the Promenade at the Eilan Hotel & Spa.

We are going to have to go back to the hotel on Sunday and see for ourselves!

It seems  like this next  week with my man is going to be extra sassy!




Stay Sassy Y’all.






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