Diary of an 8th Grade Graduation Party


Sometimes it’s hard to throw a party, especially when there are teenagers involved.  Well, the parents at my son’s school did just that and I am happy to report that it can be done and with much success!

He has been attending the same school since the third grade. We have been with the same group of kids for so long now that they truly have become part of our family. From cheering them on at football, basketball, soccer and volleyball games through the years, it was going to be hard to say goodbye. It made it even harder that all the parents were asked to provide photos for the graduation slideshows.  Some of these kids have been at the school together since they were 3 years old.  Seeing those little faces in the pictures suddenly turned into these young ladies and men was almost too much to handle! Let’s say that we have all been a little nostalgic and teary eyed about not seeing each other roam the halls around the school. They are soon going to be in various high schools all over town.

It has been a long tradition at the school for the parents to host a graduation party for all the families at the end of the year. It varies from year to year depending on what the class decides to do. For our class, it was going to be a little tougher this year. Our kids were involved in national playoff games and state competitions of all sorts.  Where would the parents find the time to plan it all?

It somehow came all together with just a few phone calls. We had a limited budget to work with and the boys had already informed us that they were not going to get all dressed up to have a sit down dinner at a country club. The girls on the other hand wanted to dress up. My son actually went so far as to tell me that he wanted a party somewhere that he could wear his t-shirt and gym shorts. Can you say compromise? And we did.

We held our 8th grade graduation party on the beautiful grounds of Lutheran High School.

 It was the perfect backdrop for the girls to dress up.





And the boys to be boys.







We had food catered by MARS Mobile Kitchen.

All the parents brought water and different types of soft drinks.





We just didn’t realize that they would drink them all at once!






And for dessert,  we had  a banana split bar.






The decorations were courtesy of various dollar stores all over town.






One mom texting another about what she found in just the right color scheme.

It  was all in our school colors, with a little bit of bling for effect!





It somehow came together perfectly.


With all us busy moms, it just happens like magic!






One of our mom’s found a photo booth to have at our party.

They had so many props and took as many pictures as we wanted. We were able to purchase them and they even put the school logo and date on them.

Everyone got in on the fun.





We even had a DJ in the gym.

The principal was so sweet and laid down a tarp for the kids to dance. It was a lot of work since they had just resurfaced the gym floor.

Here are a couple of kids taking a break between songs.







The picnic tables were a popular spot too.







This trio were waiting on their food while making memories.










The burgers and fries were fabulous and made to order exactly to your specifications.

They even had some vegetarian options.








It was such a great night to be together as a family.  







Knowing that time passes way too fast.









 Next up is high school.










And then off to college.







But we made them take pictures to record the moment.





In hopes that time might stand still.








If only for one night.







An extra special Thank You to Mrs. Gary, the principal of SHLS and all the wonderful teachers that make our little school a very special place.

We will miss being together.

Your smiles.

Your laughs.

Your hugs.

We promise to make you proud.


The Class of 2013.





Stay Sassy Y’all.



Photography by Tammie Holt and Bea Simmons






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