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Since Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, I went out with my camera to take pictures of the best place to find chocolate in San Antonio. I love taking pictures of food for the blog . I was already familiar with  MS.Chocolatier.  after seeing them at different events around town. They make their chocolate in their store and one of the owners graduated from the Culinary Institute of America. That sounds like such a dream job, studying the art of making chocolate!

They are located in Monte Vista on Main St. near downtown San Antonio. I called my husband at the last minute to see if he could have lunch with me at one of our favorite places that is located nearby, La Fonda on Main.  The weather was perfect for sitting outside. I was thrilled at how my day was unfolding: beautiful weather, patio dining, impromptu lunch with my man and taking pictures of chocolate. As I was driving by the shopping center to pull in the restaurant parking lot, I came to the realization that I was surrounded by places that serve chocolate of all kinds.

Welcome to my little “Chocolate Tour” or  it could also be considered, “the sassiest  block in San Antonio!

It seems as if La Fonda on Main has been around forever.

It is hard to find a better spot for delicious food and patio dining.





With a margarita in hand, this just may be the most relaxing place in town!







One of my favorite things on their menu is the chicken enchiladas with mole sauce.

If you aren’t familiar with mole sauce, it is a blend of ingredients that includes chocolate, yes, chocolate!

There are so many different ways to make a mole sauce but La Fonda’s is perfection; not too bitter or spicy.

It was served on a bed of rice with the corn tortillas on top and  the mole sauce poured all over it.  It was almost too pretty to eat.



My husband opted for the sweet potato enchiladas.

They didn’t contain any chocolate but I have to share them with you, or at least a picture of them.

It looks like a work of art!




It was hard to say goodbye to the patio at La Fonda on Main, the birds were enjoying the gorgeous weather too.







After leaving the restaurant, it was just a short walk to MS.Chocolatier.

The aroma when you open the door is heavenly.






They make all of their chocolates in the store with only the purest of ingredients.

These are the honey caramel chocolate truffles.

We sampled a little bit and bought even more.

It was so sinfully delicious.

It is made with 70 percent chocolate so it makes you feel a little better about indulging.



This is probably the most wonderfully, decadent piece of chocolate that I have ever tasted.

It is Mexican chocolate toffee covered with toasted almonds. It should be added to your bucket list.

I am not kidding.

I wept from the joy of this toffee!

And when I brought it home, I hid it from the kids so my husband could share in the joy too!

He had already left to go back to work to earn money to keep his wife in chocolate heaven!



Which is a good thing because located right next door is Kate’s Frosting. 

Their specialty is cupcakes. They have mini ones and jumbo ones as well.

And they are divine! They have a different flavor every day of the week.





I have been to many kid’s birthday parties and once the moms find out that the cupcakes are from Kate’s,

the party is all abuzz. No one can wait to sing the birthday song so they can have these wonderful treats.

I didn’t sample one this visit because I was still on a chocolate high from Ms. Chocolatier but I am sure to be back.




Located right across the street from Kate’s Cupcakes is On Main Off Main

Not only do they carry some of the most unique gift items and the funniest Fiesta attire in town,

they have chocolate! And they have plenty just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Their chocolate is made in Texas. You can buy it by the piece.







Or in one of these sassy chocolate boxes.

The problem is picking out which one of them.





They are so reasonably priced, you can easily afford one of each!

You can never have too much sassy chocolate!






I don’t think you will find a better variety of chocolate in a one block area in all of San Antonio!

But wouldn’t it be fun to keep searching?

After all,  it would be for research purposes only!

Stay Sassy Y’all.





















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  1. I need to check out Ms Chocolatier. Mmm. I have to say though Kate’s frosting is not very good. I don’t get all the excitement. Both times I’ve tried their cupcakes I’ve been disappointed.

    • MS. Chocolatier always has a booth at the Pearl’s farmers market on Saturdays. I love the frosting on their cupcakes, I guess I’m kind of like my kids in that regard! And thanks for taking the time to comment Lisa!

  2. What a fun tour!

    I’ve been to Ms. Chocolatier but I can’t remember what I sampled–it was good though.
    And we love Kate’s Frosting around here–she did the cupcakes for my sister’s wedding–YUM!

    I’m saving this post so I can try your other recommendations.

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