I Believe. A Day It Snowed in South Texas


Today, I have a guest post by my sweet neighbor Stella. She shared with me a story that it took two years for her to write. She lost her daddy to cancer on December 20th, 2010.

I know all too well about the pain of loss and am honored to share her story with my readers. She is a wonderful teacher, mother, wife and daughter.  I am blessed to call her friend.

Please say a little prayer for her and everyone else who are filled with loss this Christmas season.


I Believe by Stella Flores


There was once a little girl who knew the man that hung the moon.

The man picked up the girl when she fell, stood by her when she needed him, cared for her when she was hurt or sick, and taught her about believing in God.

The man was always there to help the girl, and she knew she could always count on him. He was brave, strong, honest, and believed in God and faith. But one day, the man found out he was sick, and even though he wasn’t always brave and strong, everyday he continued to fight because it meant so much to the girl.

The days, weeks and months passed, and it became clear to all that the man could not win his fight. But the man never gave up because he knew what it meant to the girl, so he put his brave face on and continued to fight and believe in God. But as the end came close, the man got scared.

Now it was the girl’s turn to be brave, strong, and honest, believe in God, and stand by the man.

The girl took care of him as he got sicker and told him to continue to believe in God. But as the end came closer the man questioned if there was a God and worried that death was truly the end. But the girl stood strong and told him to believe.

As his time was coming to an end, the girl asked in her little girl voice, “Please send me snow when you get your wings, so that I know.”

The man promised he would, and the girl knew he would.

The man who hung the moon lost his fight on the darkest day of the year.

The days, weeks and months passed after the man had died and the girl was starting to question her faith in God.

The girl was about to give up hope.

The first Friday in February, the girl awoke to a blinding, glaring light coming from outside. The girl wiped the sleep from her eyes and peeked out the window to see the most amazing sight.

As far as the girl could see there was snow covering the ground. In an instant the girl knew that the man who hung the moon had kept his promise and sent her snow on the day he received his wings.

Most people will not see the miracle in this, but in South Texas, snow is rarely seen.

And this little girl now believes.








Stella with her family and the man who hung the moon.










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