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SASSY UPDATE: December 2014-One of my readers informed me that the Blanco and West San Antonio location is no longer open. You can still order items online and shop at their store in Laredo. 


Back when I was a single gal and living in Dallas, I would buy an outfit to go out every single Saturday night. That may sound so frivolous and excessive but it wasn’t at all. I had friends with market cards and we would scour the wholesale places all around the Dallas Market area to find the perfect thing to wear. We would compete against each other to come in under $20.  Oh, the things you do when you are single!

Now that I am married to my “hunka hunka burning love” for almost nineteen years and have 3 kids, I might be lucky enough to have time to find a shirt while I am cruising by the ladies section on my way back to get some bread and milk at Super Target!

Although things may have changed over the years, my love  for bargains hasn’t. And now that I have a little blog, I can share my finds with my sassy readers.

One of my favorite go to stores for Christmas decorations and gifts in San Antonio is  Casa Guero. It is located at West and Blanco in the same shopping center as Marshall’s. They recently added an Orange Leaf a few doors down so consider that a bonus!

Of course, I am getting a late start to my Christmas shopping , so they don’t have as many items as they usually do but there is still some finds to be found.What’s not to love about this  pink tree?

They have some ready-made wreaths for those of you who don’t craft nor plan on crafting anytime in the foreseeable future!

Umm….that includes me!

The thought of crafting kind of makes me woozy but this wreath doesn’t!




But I can buy ornaments and put them on a tree!

All their Christmas decorations are 25 percent off….that is off of pretty darn cheap to begin with!






The purple ornament had a tag of $1.50 BEFORE the discount!

Hello. Cheap. Fancy ornament!






They even have scarves of all kinds.

I bought some for teacher gifts.

They were around $8 a piece.








Did someone say blingy cell phone case?










Now on to my favorite part.

Costume Jewelry!

I couldn’t decide between colors.

They were $13.

Gaudy goodness!



More Necklace Love

I think these were under $10 a piece with the earrings.









Is turquoise more your style?

Got those too!

All around $10.





Silver rocks my world too.


Another $10 spot!








There is just nothing about chunky fake pearls that doesn’t make me happy!

And around $10 too…..I wonder if their sticker machine was stuck on the cheap prices on purpose!









And they even have dollar cases and racks that have all things for a dollar.

Hair bows,necklaces,rings….you name it.

Let’s just call it stocking stuffer land!

For more information, please visit their Facebook page CASAGUERO.

Happy Hunting!

Stay Sassy Y’all.


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  1. Thanks for the tip! I’m going to check them out.

    • I love sharing! They didn’t have nearly as much as they usually do but they have a store in Laredo as well that is bigger and stocks more items but is definitely worth a trip!

  2. I love that place! Great party favors, too.

    • And party themes that you don’t find every place. They are unique and cheap! They used to have curtains. I bought some gorgeous panel curtains for our dining room. They don’t carry much of that anymore!

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