Rebecca Rather’s Pink Pig


Sassy Update:The Pink Pig Closed in August 2013 according to some of my readers. It also states this on their Facebook page. We hope Rebecca ends up somewhere else SOON! 

I need a chicken salad sandwich fix! 


When I first heard that Rebecca Rather was no longer at Rather Sweet Bakery, I thought the world would stop spinning on its axis. Her restaurant was my very favorite place to eat in the world.  My family would plan our trips on when it would be open to assure that we could eat there. Her chicken salad sandwiches were served on such heavenly bread that it would bring tears to my eyes! And our family was not alone. A few of my friends were consoling one another when we first heard the news.




Well, she’s back! Her new restaurant called the Pink Pig is now open for business. My family happily made the hour drive to Fredericksburg today. We couldn’t stop thinking about her wonderful dishes since my husband had prepared so many out of her cookbooks for our Thanksgiving meal.





The restaurant is located right outside of downtown Fredericksburg off of Highway 290. It is before you reach Wildseed Farms if you are familiar to the area. It is much larger than her old place. It is has ample seating both inside and outside on the back patio. The wind was blowing when we arrived so we sat inside.









I quickly regretted that decision after seeing the views and feeling of sitting outside. My daughter was a little upset we did not sit outside, too, since Rebecca’s dog, Beau, was relaxing on the patio.

Beau was a regular at the old restaurant. He was excited to see us too! Is he even breathing?








Since we were there on a Sunday, it meant that we would be ordering from newly developed menu items for brunch. I was disappointed at first because I had my heart set on a chicken salad sandwich. It forced our whole entire family to try something new. The waitress did reassure us that the sandwich, burgers, and soups that we were craving were available on the other days that they were open. On this day, we were limited to the Sunday brunch menu.








We ordered a variety of items, none of which disappointed. My son had the chicken and waffles. Based upon the fact that he had only bones left on his plate, I would say it was a hit.






Our daughters had chicken, also.

It was one of the proteins included in their chicken cobb salad. It also had bacon, avocado, egg, bleu cheese and was topped with a buttermilk dressing.

The portion was so big that they couldn’t finish it between the two of them.

I sampled it and the chicken was perfect with the dressing as well as all the other items in the salad. I just love salads with all kinds of things thrown in them, and this was a good mix.


My husband and I chose entrees with a little spicy flair. He had the breakfast enchiladas  that had eggs, potatoes, and green chiles all rolled up in corn tortillas. It was covered with cheese and a tomatillo sauce and served with black beans and hash browns. Of course, I asked for a bite, and it was very good and not the least bit too spicy.




The roasted chile relleno pepper that I ordered was stuffed with creamy chipotle macaroni and cheese. I was a little worried that it might be too rich and to my surprise it wasn’t at all. I never would have put all these ingredients together.

No wonder Rebecca is the chef and I am not. It was deliciously creative.

The black beans on the side were full of flavor. I could eat a whole bowl of these with some corn bread and be perfectly content.


At the end of our meal, we ordered an array of baked items. She is after all known as, “the Pastry Queen of Texas!” How could we drive all the way up from San Antonio and not at least take some to go.

Here is the banana pudding.

We didn’t order one but it was so pretty as the waitress was about to put it on her tray to take to someone that I asked  if I could take a picture of it! She wasn’t surprised! She gets that question a lot!




After almost a year of doing without Rebecca Rather’s baked goods, we finally got to have our favorite items. The world was spinning like it should be when I had a piece of Mexican wedding cake. It was just how I remembered. My son had one, too.






Our girls had to have a pink pig sugar cookie.







My husband is a key lime fan, which he had with a cup of coffee.

I was on the back patio with my daughter and Beau the dog when they brought out the desserts.

My man couldn’t wait for me to take a picture before he took a bite.

It was just too tempting!




I am happy to tell my Livin’ Sassy readers that Rebecca Rather is back and she’s better than ever! If you are not familiar with her from her former restaurant, cookbooks and appearance on Oprah and in Southern Living and various cooking magazines then you need to make the trip to Fredericksburg. You will more than likely see her in person. She loves to come out of her kitchen to visit with her customers. Not only are her customers there to enjoy her food, but they are there to be a part of the experience. She has again created a laid back environment where people come together.  They all enjoy the simple ingredients in foods that she masterfully blends.





And not only will you get to have some of her new creations on the Sunday brunch menu, but you will be able to have some of the old favorites the rest of the week. The seating in the restaurant is so much larger than her old location so you might not have to wait as long when you visit. Though, with this wonderful patio, do you really mind waiting?








We look forward to many more visits to the Pink Pig since our main reason for driving to Fredericksburg is open for business.



Our world is spinning again!

Be sure and visit their website for detailed information on their hours because they do vary.

Click on PINKPIG


Stay Sassy Y’all.


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  1. You know that I will be ready to go anytime!!!!

  2. Linda Brown says:

    Wish the full menu were on her website which is sorely lacking in info.

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