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The Livin’ Sassy Club hosted its very first meeting last week. In case you don’t know what that means, it is basically just an excuse to get out of the house so I won’t have to look at the laundry. I asked my friends to come and join me so they can ignore their laundry too.












I thought it would be fun to gather at a local restaurant and throw in some fashion and jewelry. I know there are some women out there that don’t enjoy wine, clothes and costume jewelry but I haven’t met them yet!








I asked some of friends from my kid’s school to be Sassy mom models. They had done this before when I asked them to pose in fashions to wear to the rodeo. This time I wanted them to do a little fashion show too! They all said, “Well, heck ya!”








To make them feel even more special, I thought I would enlist the services of a local stylist. I had been introduced to Jules Aldaz by one of our mutual friends, Nicci. I had blogged about her event, Love Yourself, Love Another awhile back and she seemed like such great person to work with. Plus, I am not a fashion blogger by any means and need a little help in knowing what looks good in photographs, etc. I actually took a picture of Jules’ in her shoes. A sign of a good stylist has to be wearing shoes like these!





The hardest part of doing a feature post with Sassy mom models is getting them together and juggling everyone’s schedules. Most of my readers have school age children, so it is an almost impossible task, unless you have a stylist!  Jules called all the models and asked them their clothing styles, jotted down their measurements and showed up with the clothes.








She also contacted Evolve Boutique to ask if we could use their clothes for a little fashion show. They are located in the Stone Oak area and we were going to be in NW San Antonio. No problem, Victoria, the owner of the store, brought Evolve to us!

This is Mary. She bought these blingy jeans! It’s what all the sassy girls are wearing!







As the ladies changed into their casual and then dressy outfits, our Stella & Dot jewelry stylist, Shannon Jensen, was on hand to complete their look.

This is my neighbor Stella with Shannon, the Stella & Dot stylist. Stella and Stella. I couldn’t make that up! I have lived near Stella for about ten years.This is probably the second time that I have seen her in a dress! I felt so special that she would get all fancy for us. Stella, you look marvelous!



I wished I had taken more pictures. We had lined up a person to take pictures but she was sick. We ended up keeping everyone inside in the air conditioning because it was over 90 degrees outside at the end of October! I guess that is the joy of living in South Texas.I talk way too much when I see my girlfriends and forget what I’m supposed to be doing!


These are two lovely work friends! They loved the space we were in at Two Step! It is a beautiful room built around the Ruempel Homestead. The original house and barn were constructed in the 1850’s. The restaurant went to great lengths to preserve the majority of the site.





This is the only picture of me where my eyes were open! I am horrible at posing for pictures. This is why I ask others to be Sassy mom models. This is my friend Melissa. We met in Junior League. She is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. She works in special education so I naturally love her even more!










Here is Mindee in these must have jeans.

I love this color on her.

She has a wonderful son who is a spectacular basketball player.

She stays fit competing in Tough Mudder competitions.

No, I’m not kidding!




























I know that all the models had a great time being in our little fashion show but Monica should take the show on the road!  She was very entertaining!

We are showing you the back of this spectacular outfit.The palazoo pants are perfect for Monica’s playful style of dress. And she looks amazing in them.It really made a huge difference having a stylist put these looks together. She knew what these ladies would feel the most sassy in!

Monica is the mother of 3 very active boys. She is the queen of the carpool lane and she is always smiling this big too.













Theresa just finished her first Tough Mudder competition. She had been training for months. The first time I saw her at school after not seeing her over the summer, I thought she was glowing!  Mindee talked her into being on her Tough Mudder team. I would say that this is a perfect match, don’t you think?  All I can say is wow!



















And finally we have Mary.

She said she didn’t want to wear anything sleeveless. Are you kidding?

She looks incredible in this dress. The trendy hi/lo hem looks perfect on her.

Mary loves being on the blog because her husband sees her and immediately takes her out on a lavish date night.

I think he should take her out for an entire weekend away after seeing her in this.


I love blogging and showcasing my friends in these little fashion features. There is nothing more beautiful than a confident woman.

The Livin’ Sassy Club wants you to take time out of your busy lives to remember who you are in the midst of raising your kids. And some of us are busy taking care of our parents.

There are plenty of websites that show all the twenty-something year old women in the pursuit of perfection.

This blog is about those of us who have lived a little longer and have long realized that life is never perfect.

The key to a sassy life is accepting yourself for who you are and embracing it and loving it and experiencing life.

Who says we can’t be fashionable just because we reached a certain age!

My friends rocked these outfits! Don’t you think?


For more information about the clothing provided by the Evolve Boutique click EVOLVE . We loved their looks and the prices were fabulous!

If you would like to be styled by the fabulous Jules Aldaz please click JULES  And for the jewelry seen on our models, you can click on STELLA 

Stay Sassy Y’all.





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  1. Angie Ritenour says:


    I wish I lived near you so I could join in on the fun! I love all of the outfits and your sassy models too! :-)


  2. This was so much fun. Would love to go to future Sassy Club events.

    Thanks so much for doing this.


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