Sassy Girlfriends Top 10 Favorite Things #8


Meet my friend Cheryl. Isn’t she pretty? I met her when I lived in Dallas. If you ever want to find Cheryl in a crowded room, just look for the people having the most fun. She has such a vivacious laugh and smile that instantly puts everyone at ease. When I was a loan officer at a credit union in Plano, we needed a teller. The entire branch unanimously wanted to hire Cheryl.  I still consider that my favorite job of my whole career. It was because Cheryl was such a joy to work with and all of the members instantly fell in love with her too. When people are willing to wait in a very long line just so Cheryl can be the one to interact with them, you pretty much know that she is something very special. You never have a doubt that she genuinely cares about you. And she cared for each and every one of her members like they were her family.  I have never met a more thoughtful,caring,giving and loving person who is also sassy personified!

I can honestly say that my life would not be the same without her. She introduced me to my husband. We went on a blind date and he proposed six weeks later. She also introduced me to the joy of a Chick- Fil- A Chicken Biscuit when we were pregnant together and would carpool to work. She would show up biscuit in hand during the record summer setting heat of 1998. At the end of the day we would walk out to the car to guess if the heat index had topped 110 degrees. It did. A lot. Can you tell we have a unique lifetime bond?

Now she is a fancy lobby service supervisor of a bank and I am sure people are still lining up to see her just so she can make their day a little better. She makes every day brighter for me just because I can call her my friend; as do so many other people.

Cheryl is a true gift to all who know her.

I am so thankful that our paths crossed all those years ago.

Here is her Top 10 list of things that make her feel Sassy!

OK, she has a  top 11 list. I guess she can have one more because I know just how sassy she is!
1.  My Girls – (Brayden 13) (Bailey 11) – I love that they make me laugh daily and I love watching them grow into amazing young ladies.  I wish I could be more like both of them.
2.  Monster Energy Drink – The Purple one!!  This is my coffee!!!
3.  Cooking with my Man! – I used to think I was a pretty good cook until I met him.  And to be honest, I think I just annoy him in the kitchen!! :0)
4.  Amazing weather days – (I know this doesn’t happen often in Texas in the Summer) I love listening to my favorite songs with the windows down and sunroof open singing with my girls at the top of our lungs!!!
5.  My Friends!! – Even if I don’t talk to them everyday, we can pick up like we haven’t missed a beat.  I love them!!
6.  Mich Ultra – What can I say, I’m a beer girl!!!!
7.  Sinner Perfume by Kat Von D – The name just sounds Sassy!
8.  Superior Preference by L’Oreal – 6 1/2 G (Lightest Golden Brown) Yes, this is my natural hair color…….. :0)
9.  My Dogs – (Gunner/Schnoodle)(Daisy/Lab Mix)(Lola/Wheaten Terrier) – Who knew I would have 3 dogs…..  As much as I hate the hair and they can annoy me to no end, I love them and consider them my other kids!
10.  Being Crafty – I love it, but RARELY have time for it!
Sorry, I had to do 11……..
11.  My Family – What can I say?  They are my Rock and I am fortunate to have the majority of them close, just wish San Antonio was a little closer!!!

We love you Cheryl.

Stay Sassy Ya’ll.


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  1. Brayden Walden says:

    Hey aunt Laura!!! So this blog is totally amazing!! I’m sad I never get to see y’all but know I can stay in touch :) hopefully i’ll see you soon!!
    -L:Ove Brayden <3

    • I am so glad you like it’ isn’t your Mom pretty! I am so proud of you and I wish we lived closer so I could see you more often! love you sweet girl!

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