The Guest Bedroom Closet


I finally cleaned out our guest bedroom closet. I figured it would be nice of me to have a place for my mother-in-law to hang up her clothes in the same room she was sleeping in; unlike the last fourteen years. Our guests have always had to use the hall closet to hang up their clothes when they would visit. I think she is going to be surprised! I am now left with about 6 huge boxes of pictures to sort through and about 1/4 of the clothes that were in there that I just couldn’t bear to part with. It feels good.

I wish I would have taken a before picture but I hadn’t planned on blogging about it. Trust me, it was packed full of winter clothes from years gone by. I am very sentimental about clothes. It was like a walk down memory lane while I was handing off each piece of clothing to one of the twins. She was helping me keep them in the KEEP and DONATE piles. She also felt the need to give me a play by play of each outfit and whether she liked it or not. I heard a lot of, “Mom, did you REALLY wear that?” and “that’s kind of small, did it ever fit you? ” and “do you think someone will want to wear that because it’s kind of ugly.”  She was brutal. She is very opinionated about clothing. There is no mistake that she is my child.




I was a big fan of patterns back in the day! The first shirt is an Esprit shirt! It now reminds me of the Indy 500. I had about a million different outfits by Esprit. I looked at their clothes online today  and they remind me of the Gap!

I have no idea where the  cow shirt came from or why it had taken  up room in my closet for so many years. Moo. Moo.

I kind of like the last shirt. It is a size small. I don’t wear a small anymore. Sigh.

If you look at these too long, you start to get a little dizzy.




I went through a vest period.

Lord knows why.

Yes, we all have our moments.







Did ya’ll know I was a loan officer? Well, I was. I loved wearing suits. My favorite was the patterned one with suede bows. I thought I was so fancy.

I now wear work out clothes and yoga pants most days. I do actually work out in them except I don’t ever do yoga.

The thought of doing yoga kind of scares me a little.

Looking at the clothes I used to wear kind of scares me a little too.




Do either of these do anything for you?

What can I say, I loved patterns.






Did Loretta Lynn leave her silk cowgirl shirt behind?

More vests.

Stop it.

No more.

OK, just one more.




Someone made this for me.

I saved it because I didn’t want to hurt their feelings in case they ever came over and asked me if I still had the bandana sweatshirt they made me with my name on it.

The problem is that I don’t remember who made it for me to begin with.

Anybody? Anybody?

Yes, I wouldn’t admit to it either.





The next closet I tackle will be the master bedroom. I hope it won’t take me another fourteen years.

The rod broke a couple of years ago. I went to the store and bought stronger brackets.

I didn’t actually clean it out very much.

This never happens on the big Stud’s part of the closet.

The hubby isn’t as sentimental as I am.

Maybe if I sweet talk him a little he might give me some space on his side. Probably not.

We’ll I’m off to pick up my mother-in-law.

The closet will have to wait.

Stay Sassy Ya’ll.





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  1. OMGOSH laura you crack me up….and those clothes….holy cow shirts with patterns that made me so dizzy I can’t even speak clear! I am laughing b/c I MADE my grandma clean out one of 4 closets in her house of ONE and found some crazy clothes. Clothes that she really had to stop and think about whether or not to donate. Thanks for the laugh:0)

  2. Michelle says:


    REALLY?! You still have an Esprit shirt?! The 1980’s are calling and they want their clothes back. . .ALL OF THEM! I thought that the patterns were pretty bad until I came to the part on the vests and then just lost it with the sweat shirt!

    Repeat after me: INTERVENTION! Call me! I’ll gladly help you go through the master bedroom closet. I’ve watched that show, What Not to Wear. . .I can be your Clint or your Stacy.

  3. That was priceless. Love the clothes, love the comments!!!!! Laughed out loud.

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