Must Sees while in Kilgore,Texas


This is a pump jack.

You will see many of these in your travels in and around East Texas.

They are used to pump oil out of the ground. The price of oil is sky high. There is a lot of pumping going on. You might think it is an eyesore. We think it is yard art. If you were smart enough to retain mineral rights then you call it a trust fund. My brothers are in the oil business. One of them gave me a dissertation on the pump jack over dinner the other night. I can recall him talking about rods, water, oil and pipes and it somehow got the oil to the gas pump. I was too busy pondering what they might have been wearing to the job site.

Why don’t you go the East Texas Oil Museum for more detailed information or you can always call one of my brothers! The website is EastTexasOilMuseum.




My sister Janie and Martha are still the best of friends.

These are Rangerettes. They are the very first precision drill team founded in 1939.

Kilgore College hired Gussie Nell Davis to keep the crowd in their seats at halftime. She far exceeded that goal. You really must see them perform live. The choreography is superb and you will keep repeating, “How do they do that?” throughout the entire show!

My sister Janie is in the picture on the left and her best friend Martha is on the right. They are still high kicking in unison in their Zumba class!




My sister Kathryn was a Rangerette too!

I love this picture! My Daddy was so proud that two of his daughters were part of this elite drill team.

My twins went to their first Rangerette camp last summer. They had a ball and were mesmerized when they got to meet a real honest to goodness Rangerette in her full uniform, with perfect lipstick,of course!




I know this isn’t the best picture but I had to show you one of Kathryn’s favorite memories from her time as a Rangerette! She met Tom Landry when the Rangerettes performed at the opening of the Texas Sports Hall of Fame. Her friend Angel is on the left.

God Bless Tom Landry and the Dallas Cowboys.

They kind of need it.

You can find out so much more about the history of the Rangerettes at their museum located on the Kilgore College campus. We have fun with the kids seeing how fast they can find their aunt Janie and Kathryn in the different exhibits!


This is the Charburger.

It is a local institution. They cook their burgers with a smokey flavor that I have never found anywhere else.  I must have one when I go home. Everyone has their favorite burger number. My number is a mini number 2. I get the smaller one because I make room for the complimentary beans and hush puppies. It is hard to describe them. It is basically a pot of pinto beans like your grandma used to make. The hush puppies are small and slender like a fat crayon!

I love them. You must try them. You will be happy. They don’t have a website. Just ask anyone and they will send you downtown. The phone number is 903-984-7646 and they do have a Facebook page.

Your taste buds will thank me!


The made from scratch sandwich bread is not to be missed!


Downtown D’Lites Cafe is another great place for lunch or dinner.

Their sandwiches are  made with bread “from scratch” and can be combined with a variety of soups and salads for a healthy lunch or dinner. And of course, it’s hard to to say no to the frozen yogurt bar.

The staff is always so sweet and helpful.



The bar at Jack Ryan’s in downtown Kilgore. (outfit by De Rigueur of Kilgore

When I come home, I try to fit in an evening at Jack Ryan’s. Whether it is a special occasion or having appetizers at the bar, it is the best dining experience in Kilgore.

I highly recommend that you make reservations because the weekends are a very popular time to dine.

After taking in a play at the Texas Shakespeare Festival and a impeccable meal at



There are a lot more things to do and see while you visit but I just wanted to give you a little head start! I loved growing up in Kilgore and wanted to share with you my recent trip home!


Stay Sassy Y’all.

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  1. Angie Ritenour says:

    Love the Kilgore posts Laura! When I’m in town I have to get a Number 3 cut the onions at Charaburger. I also LOVE their beans and hushpuppies!

  2. Lynn Heye says:

    Oh how this makes me long for my hometown! I still eat my burgers plain with meat and bread only, but will often shake things up a bit and get cheese too! :-) Keep posting about Kilgore. It’s been a long time and we’re visiting this summer. Need things to do! And I’m so glad you posted Rangerette pictures of our sisters Jane and Kathryn – love those.

    • I have 3 more posts coming! I took over 400 pictures with my Sassy model friends while they were shopping and eating and posing all around town! It is taking me awhile to sort through them! Our hometown is so unique but you don’t think that when you are growing up there! So glad you like them! It was so fun being there! Can’t wait to see you Lynn and those cute kids!

  3. Jane Ott Lane says:

    Here’s to a great little town. Thanks Laura for sharing.

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