Women Who Inspire

            I often hesitate to use the word "inspiring" as a description of an event. People are inspired by so many different things. Yesterday, at Women in the World Texas, it was very apparent that the entire sold out audience was inspired by what took place in six hours at the Charline McCombs Empire Theatre. One by one they spoke.   There was no big production stage; only words, powerful words.  They came from all walks of life and various backgrounds.  No politics. No hidden agendas. Only words.  Even at the end … [Read more...]

Flowers in Abundance

I've been walking by this single white rose since Friday. I brought it home from a funeral I attended and put it in a little vase. The husband asked the congregation to take some flowers with them as they exited the church. There were way too many for him and his family to take home. His wife had many friends. And each time I pass by and catch a glimpse of these now browning petals, I feel such a pain in my heart from the loss of someone so special. I pray that her boys will be alright. She taught me so much about being an advocate for my daughter. I don't think I ever … [Read more...]

Big Changes Coming to Livin’ Sassy

My little blog has been awfully quiet lately, too quiet. I never knew how much I loved blogging until I stopped doing it full time. Something happened a few months ago that put me on a path for change. I received a phone call in my car during my work -day. It was someone wanting to publish one of my blog posts in their national magazine. Who, me? Oh yes, I do have a blog! I did write that story of those amazing women. I then went to the post on my smart phone and read it again. I cried. Oh, how I love the power of words. I love to be moved to tears in observation of … [Read more...]

Change and Adaptability

Change. Adaptability. These are two words that I have been using quite a bit lately, not only in my personal life but my professional life as well. If you live long enough, you realize how well you accept change can make a difference in your overall attitude. One of my friends has been on my mind because she has been going through tremendous change in her life, but she is more than used to adapting to change. I first met MaryAnn Arbogast when I was on a sales call in Dallas.  She was a potential client and I was hoping to see if her company would consider changing their list of … [Read more...]

Triathletes Wear Lipstick Too

When most of us are sound asleep at 6am on a Saturday morning, a growing number of your fellow San Antonio residents are well on their way to meet their training group in various locations around town. Whether they have chosen to run, walk or cycle, our city is signing up in record numbers to compete in the Rock and Roll Marathon and Half-Marathon in November. It’s training season! If you happen to notice a large number of people wearing purple shirts then you have more than likely spotted a member of Team in Training.  TNT is one of the largest endurance sports training programs. They have … [Read more...]

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