A Summer Sunrise

We just unpacked the last piece of luggage from which will more than likely be our final trip of the summer. Tomorrow kicks off football practice for our oldest and basketball camp for one of the youngest. And can you believe that one of our daughters wants to shop for school supplies today?  She just can't hold off one more day! Most of our trips this summer revolved around family. This last trip was in my hometown of Kilgore,Texas. There was some playing of golf, catching up with friends and family, a lot of eating and even a little bit of fishing. Only one child likes to … [Read more...]

The Magic of Rainbows

We were at a hotel this weekend right across from the Tobin Performing Arts Center. It was a birthday sleepover party for our ten year old girls and a few friends. What's not to love about eating potato chips and cupcakes, ordering pizza and swimming in a hotel  pool? We didn't think we would get to swim because of the rainstorm. Thank heavens we came prepared with games of Twister and Monopoly. I mean, they are Girl Scouts and prepared for anything! When the rain finally stopped and the sun started peeking through the clouds, I declared it was time to go swimming. I have never … [Read more...]

Love and Head Shots

Well,  I’m Back! Did y’all miss me? I sure did miss you! I was hunkered down in an undisclosed location for what seemed like an eternity! I had a goal and I reached it. I will tell you more about that later! My big blog redesign happened, although it is more like a sprucing up.  It reminds me of a spa treatment right before you go to your class reunion! Your friends swear you look different but they aren’t quite sure why. Livin’ Sassy is refreshed and ready for some more blogging! And as part of the new design, I recently had some head shots done. I talked the big Stud … [Read more...]

See You at the Finish Line

There are only ten days left before the San Antonio Rock and Roll Marathon and Half Marathon. My husband and I are signed up and planning on being there. This will be my fifth half marathon and his tenth.  And we have never felt more unprepared. In years past, we had spreadsheets calculating our every training session.  I would go to great lengths not to miss any of them. I often found myself at the gym at ten o’clock at night to fit them in. We would carefully keep track of the foods we would eat and how many ounces of water we were drinking with each training run. This year has been … [Read more...]

Bakery Lorraine has Perfected the Pastry

We finally made it out to the Quarry Farmers Market. We have been going to the Pearl Farmers Market which is held on Saturday since it opened but this was our very first time at the Sunday Quarry Market. We were anxious to try some baked goods that we had been hearing so much about that can only be found once a week at the market. My husband was so inspired by the pastries that he wanted to blog about them.   The following post is by the big Stud aka the hubby and the baker in our house. I just took the pictures and enjoyed our morning pastries! I'm kind of sassy like … [Read more...]

Shameless Plug for the Big Stud

The hubby, aka the Big Stud is in this week's San Antonio Business Journal. Run out and get you a copy! He is quoted quite a bit so I try to save the newspaper clippings as much as possible. I am making a scrapbook for the kids. OK, I am saving them and putting them on top of the box under the bed in the guest room in hopes of starting a scrapbook. Aren't brains just darn sexy? He didn't really think I referred to him as the Big Stud on here until we were at a party the other night and someone he didn't know said, "so you're the big Stud!" Did you know that economists can turn the same … [Read more...]

Secrets for a Pretty Happy Marriage

This year the hubby and I will be married 18 years. I can’t believe it. The fact that time has flown by so quickly or that we have somehow managed to cruise along with some pretty big bumps in the road is not taken for granted. Throughout the years, marriage and how to keep it happy has often been the topic of many gatherings with my girlfriends. Every marriage is different, but there seems to be some common themes and pieces of advice that I would love to share with you. I am in no way an expert in this area, but by Hollywood standards 18 years of marriage would automatically qualify me to be … [Read more...]

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