Staycation Day 5 and 6

Welcome back to our week long series of Operation Staycation! So far, we have gone swimming at our neighborhood pool a couple of times, went to Fiesta Texas, a waterpark in Bandera and a state park in Blanco. We have eaten some wonderful food and some so-so meals! Overall, we are just happy to hang out together and I am happy to avoid doing the dishes. Housework is to be avoided at all costs during staycation. On Day 5 ,the kids were tired and wanted to take it easy. They stayed in their pajamas until 4pm! The only thing that they did outdoors was go to the park near the new Mission … [Read more...]

Staycation Day 3 and Day 4

Day 3 of our Operation Staycation took us to Bandera, Texas. It is just a short drive of about 40 miles up Highway 16 from San Antonio. The kids requested a day at the Flying L Ranch’s Waterpark. We went last summer and they had a blast. This year, they wanted to invite some of their friends along. There is just something about teenagers and traveling in groups. They seem to have more fun in a pack. The hubby went back to work so it was just me and as many kids that could fit in the van!                 Monday is half priced … [Read more...]

Staycation Day 2 in Blanco,Texas

Day 2 of Operation Staycation found us in the Hill Country town of Blanco. It is just a short 50 mile drive from San Antonio but seems like a world away. I would often visit Blanco on business when I had clients there and loved the slow pace and laid back attitude of all the people that I interacted with. Seeing the swimmers at Blanco State Park from my view off of Highway 281 over the years, made me want to take my kids to explore the beautiful scenery. My family finally made the visit on Sunday. I am now regretting why we haven't taken them before now.  It was indeed a wonderful day … [Read more...]

Operation Staycation Day 1

Our dog Sofie just had surgery on her leg. She is doing fine and healing up. Well, she did feel the need to rip out her first set of stitches so we had to get a bigger cone for her head. This cone seems to be working out  and she can’t get to her leg to chew anything off. Although the cone is so big that she can’t fit it in her cage where she loves to take her naps. Since the veterinary procedure cost more than our mortgage payment, we decided to be fiscally responsible this year and forgo our big summer vacation.  Sometimes it’s just not fun being a grown up but I know Dave Ramsey would … [Read more...]

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