Double Digits

Ten. One and a Zero. Diez. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and now 10. It went that fast. I will never forget looking up at the monitor in the doctor's office and seeing not one, but two bright heartbeats. And then hearing the news that there would two girls. I wanted you to be just alike. I dressed you up in matching clothes for years and years. I wanted everyone to treat you the same. Silly me. You are both so marvelous in your own special way. And exactly as God meant you to be. I marvel in the love that you share so effortlessly with your brother. I know that … [Read more...]

2013 Kinetic Kids Hootenanny

In 2001, when physical therapists Tracey Fontenot and Kacey Wernli decided to offer a program that would allow children with disabilities access to a recreational sport. They had little idea what a need that they were fulfilling. Word quickly spread throughout the special needs community about a program called Kinetic Kids. Parents were very eager to enroll their children in programs such as soccer, t-ball, dance, gymnastics and golf.   These programs were much like those that you would find at a local YMCA. You would see  parents beaming with pride while watching their kids learn … [Read more...]

Just the Cutest Brownies Ever

My twins participated in the Girl Scouts Investiture tonight. They were pinned at the ceremony. I guess this is the official date that they start their Girl Scout career! I didn't know how my daughter Catherine would do. As with everything I have learned  having one twin with special needs, you just try and hope for the best. And the best it is! She loves it and so does her twin, Savannah. I couldn't have been any happier about the whole experience. Well, maybe if my Mom was still here so she could share in my joy. I don't post very many pictures on the blog of my children; mostly … [Read more...]

MW Blingy T-Shirt Give Away

I met some friends at Morgan's Wonderland this morning. My family has been so many times that I can't count. The twins even had their 5th birthday party there. This  was our  first time to go to their Mom's group program. It is held on the first and third Friday of each month.                 If you aren't familiar with Morgan's Wonderland, it is a theme park in San Antonio that was built for accessibility for everyone. For instance, the merry go round and train are designed specifically for wheelchairs. For guests with … [Read more...]

Motherhood Isn’t Always Black and White

Today is an extra special Mother’s Day. It is also our twin’s 7th Birthday. I never dreamed that I would ever be the mother of 3 children, especially twins. After experiencing the picture perfect pregnancy and delivery with our son; it was very hard accepting the realization that our son would be an only child. We finally decided that our family would consist of being just the 3 of us after suffering through numerous miscarriages. The stress was just too much. We had a very healthy and lively little boy and he would be just fine as an only child. Or so we thought. I soon went back to … [Read more...]

Defining Faith

I could probably write 100 different inspirational stories about the people that I have met since first getting the news that one of our twins would be born with Down Syndrome. There are so many examples of courage, faith and determination in our local San Antonio support group. One  person that I feel very compelled to tell you about is the first person I met in this large group of parents. I remember being scared to death of not knowing what to expect when walking into the  Down Syndrome Association of San Antonio's support group (DSASA). Five months pregnant with twins, I thought I would … [Read more...]

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