The Mercantile

I took a trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma a couple of weeks ago. I went with my boy to tour the campus of University of Tulsa.  It was on his final list of colleges to attend in the fall. I was looking forward to seeing Tulsa again.  It had probably been about twenty years since I'd been there. And this was going to be my son's first foray into the place with the scissor-tailed flycatcher as their state bird!  Even though he's a senior in high school, I can still teach him so important things like state birds! Anyway, not only did I want to check out the city and the campus, I wanted to … [Read more...]

Getting Sassy at Holiday Ole’ Market

The Junior League of San Antonio's  Holiday Ole' Market is right around the corner. In the 22nd year, this one of kind shopping experience is taking on a Parisian flair.  Ooh, La La! The title of this year's event is "Joyeux Noel" and is set to begin on Thursday, October 15th and end on Sunday, October 18th at Freeman Coliseum's Expo Hall. I am a current sustainer and long time member of the JLSA. I also served on the Ole' Market Committee and have first hand knowledge of how many hours it takes to host such a spectacular event. These ladies have already spent countless hours away from … [Read more...]

Can you Lobby if you Don’t Hobby?

Hobby Lobby just opened up a new store near our house. We've been watching it go up since it's so close to the gym, movie theatre, Home Goods and Nordstrom Rack near our house. That shopping center is almost retail nirvana now. I have absolutely no idea why I like Hobby Lobby so much. I don't craft. I don't sew. I'm not the greatest at projects that involve gluing anything. I scrapbooked once. It was at a friend's party. I did two pages and then got sidetracked talking to everybody. And then I did like any good friend would do, I bought the most expensive scrapbooking package from her … [Read more...]

Joli Boutique

I met my friend Monica for lunch the other day. I couldn't wait to sit down and talk to her about all the new things going on in her life. Her kids go to the same school as mine, but we usually only have time to wave at each other in the car pool lane! I first met her when her husband Tommy coached my then 5 year son old's flag football team at the YMCA. And they would eventually figure out that my husband and Tommy actually played against each other in college football. They had to have tackled each other while Tommy was at Sul Ross and Steve was playing for Austin College. They … [Read more...]

Spring into Moda Luna

Our “Sassy Mom” models are back! And it’s a good thing because I was starting to get a little nervous twitch. I haven’t been able to coordinate with my friends to go shopping together. This full-time working is cramping my style a little bit! Can you believe they expect you to work and everything! Well, I managed to ask, convince, cajole, OK, beg really, a couple of my new coworkers to go hunt for some spring fashions so I can update my blog.  It was way overdue for some spring looks. We had already bonded over the love of bargain shopping. When you are high fived by someone because … [Read more...]

Cafe’ Barron’s

When I was home over the Christmas holiday, I stopped by one of my favorite restaurants with some of my family. My sisters and I had the intention of doing a little bit of shopping and then stopping to eat for lunch. We wanted to pick out some books for my sister Janie’s elementary school library. The teachers at her school had donated money in our mom’s name to purchase books.  She wanted the younger girls in the family to participate in picking them out.       Since Kilgore doesn’t have a bookstore of its own, we headed over to the big city of Longview. It has a … [Read more...]

Collectedmess is all in the Details

The school called at 8:30 am right as I was running around the house cleaning so it could be clean with the cleaning service got here at 9am. I have no idea why I feel the need to clean the entire house twice a month right before someone gets here to clean the house. I think it’s just in a woman’s DNA. You can’t go around letting people think you really live like that.  Anyway, the nurse said my daughter had just thrown up in class. Poor thing, she must have gotten that stomach virus that has been going around. So I ran up to school to get her all the while thinking about all the things that … [Read more...]

Casa Guero Decorates For Less

  SASSY UPDATE: December 2014-One of my readers informed me that the Blanco and West San Antonio location is no longer open. You can still order items online and shop at their store in Laredo.    Back when I was a single gal and living in Dallas, I would buy an outfit to go out every single Saturday night. That may sound so frivolous and excessive but it wasn’t at all. I had friends with market cards and we would scour the wholesale places all around the Dallas Market area to find the perfect thing to wear. We would compete against each other to come in under $20.  Oh, the … [Read more...]

Holiday Ole’ Market Ticket Giveaway

Holiday Ole’ Market is here! It starts today with a special ticketed event that gives you an exclusive first look at the merchandise. And this is only the beginning! There are so many more events that will be going on the rest of the week through Saturday, October 27th. For full details and times, please visit  JLSA     Now y’all should know by now how much I love the Junior League of San Antonio. In honor of these sassy ladies that are working countless volunteer hours to raise money for our community, Livin’ Sassy is giving away two general admission tickets ($30 … [Read more...]

Bless Your Ole’

Holiday Ole’ Market is just around the corner. It is the perfect place to find unique and specialized gifts to put under your Christmas tree.  It is also combines shopping and entertainment like no other event in town. I think I have attended every year. I also served on the Ole’ committee when I was a member of the Junior League. I may gush a little bit on this post. I just can’t help myself! I am spotlighting a few local merchants that you will find at the Junior League of San Antonio’s major fundraising event. It will be held beginning on Wednesday, October 24th through Saturday October … [Read more...]

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