Spring into Moda Luna

Our “Sassy Mom” models are back! And it’s a good thing because I was starting to get a little nervous twitch. I haven’t been able to coordinate with my friends to go shopping together. This full-time working is cramping my style a little bit! Can you believe they expect you to work and everything! Well, I managed to ask, convince, cajole, OK, beg really, a couple of my new coworkers to go hunt for some spring fashions so I can update my blog.  It was way overdue for some spring looks. We had already bonded over the love of bargain shopping. When you are high fived by someone because … [Read more...]

Announcing the Livin’ Sassy Club

When all of my kids entered elementary school, I thought that I would have this huge amount of time on my hands. What I have since discovered, is that I have never been busier in my entire life.  My calendar is packed full, especially during the school year. There are no little boxes filled in that have my name on it. Well, unless you count the day that I reserve to do the laundry. It seems to be the same story with everyone I talk to with kids that are school age. I have come up with an idea to bring my friends and readers together. I am calling it the Livin’ Sassy Club. It’s like a Girl … [Read more...]

Forties are Fabulous

Our Sassy Mom models are back and this edition features my friends that are all mothers of twins who just so happen to all be over forty and fabulous!   We were finally able to find time to meet and pick out clothes to model and take pictures for Livin' Sassy.             It is so hard to schedule busy moms who are on vacation, have swim team practice and play dates and family in town and not to mention kids home from school for the summer.  We finally found a window of opportunity this past Saturday morning to meet and take … [Read more...]

You Say It’s Your Birthday. Well, it’s My Birthday Too!

Today is Paul McCartney’s 70th birthday. Doesn’t he look good? Well, it’s my birthday too. I’m not quite 70. My sister Janie, our family Beatle maniac, thought it was so cool that I shared the same birthday as her most favorite Beatle. We are just alike.  I have big hair. He used to have big hair. He grew up in England. I grew up in East Texas. He has billions of dollars. I wish I had billions of dollars. We celebrated my birthday this weekend because my boy is away at basketball camp today. The kids picked out my cake and flowers. They wanted to put 47 candles on the cake and were about … [Read more...]

Run Sassy Run

Whether you are training for your first half marathon or just wanting to stay fit, the perfect work out clothes will help you achieve your goals all while feeling and looking sassy! We went to Run Wild Sports in the Pearl Brewery to pick out some of the latest in running attire.  They are a locally owned and operated retail store that is located near the historic River Walk that promotes healthy living through their training programs and hosting various runs throughout the year. The store sells a large variety of running shoes and some of the latest trends in athletic wear to help keep you … [Read more...]

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