By Denise

The other day as I was quickly scrolling through Facebook, I came across a post by a friend who grew up in my hometown of Kilgore, Texas. She had posted a poem that she had written. She prefaced it, "I don't write often much less do I share when I do write. I wrote this tonight and am just putting it out there." We have been FB friends long enough for me to know that this was very out of character for her. She always seemed so shy in high school. I had a feeling that this might have been her moment to take a chance and be brave. There is such a feeling of vulnerability when you do something … [Read more...]

You Say It’s Your Birthday. Well, it’s My Birthday Too!

Today is Paul McCartney’s 70th birthday. Doesn’t he look good? Well, it’s my birthday too. I’m not quite 70. My sister Janie, our family Beatle maniac, thought it was so cool that I shared the same birthday as her most favorite Beatle. We are just alike.  I have big hair. He used to have big hair. He grew up in England. I grew up in East Texas. He has billions of dollars. I wish I had billions of dollars. We celebrated my birthday this weekend because my boy is away at basketball camp today. The kids picked out my cake and flowers. They wanted to put 47 candles on the cake and were about … [Read more...]

Sassy Girlfriends Top 10 Favorite Things #8

Meet my friend Cheryl. Isn't she pretty? I met her when I lived in Dallas. If you ever want to find Cheryl in a crowded room, just look for the people having the most fun. She has such a vivacious laugh and smile that instantly puts everyone at ease. When I was a loan officer at a credit union in Plano, we needed a teller. The entire branch unanimously wanted to hire Cheryl.  I still consider that my favorite job of my whole career. It was because Cheryl was such a joy to work with and all of the members instantly fell in love with her too. When people are willing to wait in a very long line … [Read more...]

Sassy Girlfriends Top 10 Favorite Things #7

Meet my friend Angie. We met when her family moved to East Texas when she was a young girl. We became instant friends but everyone becomes friends with her. She lights up every room she enters with her huge smile and even bigger heart. She is one of those friends that you might not talk to for awhile but just thinking about her brings you comfort. I don't think she has ever met a stranger. And you are assured that if you do have the pleasure of meeting her one day, you will want to call her friend too. She has the most amazing voice and when she sings it sounds like it comes from heaven above. … [Read more...]

Sassy GirlfriendsTop 10 Favorite Things #6

Meet Shawna. Isn't she pretty?  I first met her when I was her mentor in Junior League. I think the best word that would describe her is tenacious. A great example of this would be when she was running in the San Antonio Rock and Roll Half Marathon a couple of years ago. She twisted her foot at mile 10 and still finished the race in record time. She went to the doctor the next day and it wasn't just twisted but broken! She ran more than 3 miles on a broken foot! For some reason, it doesn't surprise me! She recently accepted a big promotion and will be moving away. I will miss her and her great … [Read more...]

Sassy Girlfriends Top 10 Favorite Things #5

Meet my friend Charlotte. She is from my hometown. We were in band together. This is what band nerds grow up to look like! Hubba,Hubba! She is the epitome of a Southern Lady. She is sweet,caring,soft,resilient and smart. Her faith and wit run deep and her loyalty even deeper. She is all the things that I love about growing up in East Texas. Love ya Charlotte. You are one of a kind and I am so blessed to call you a friend! Her list will make you realize that everyone who knows Charlotte loves her too!   Here are the things that make her feel Sassy!  * Watching Gone With The Wind … [Read more...]

Sassy Girlfriends Top 10 Favorite Things #4

Meet Lois. Yes, she is this glamorous. She’s my neighbor. I can see her house from my back window! She’s a single Mom but not for long. She recently became engaged. Lucky guy. She has raised the most wonderful boys you will ever meet. I only get to see  them now and then at the neighborhood pool where they lifeguard. Oh, the pool. Lois is the one that when you sit by her on the lounge chairs you kind of want to keep your cover up on! She has legs for days! She runs marathons in her spare time. Yes,really. She did her first full marathon in November after completing several half-marathons prior … [Read more...]

The Sassy Girlfriend’s Top 10 Favorite Things #2

Here is my Sassy Girlfriend's list of favorites for this week! I told you it was a series. Could this lead to possible spin offs like Bethenny goes to Fiesta or Real Housewives of Castle Hills? OK, probably not, but it sure is fun to make my friends feel like Oprah for a day! Meet my friend Barbara. I asked her to send me her favorite picture of herself. This picture pretty much sums her up. I will never forget when I first met her. I was attending my very first general meeting of Junior League of San Antonio. I didn't know very many people at all and I was a little nervous. There was a big … [Read more...]

Sassy Girlfriend’s Top 10 Favorite Things

I have the best girlfriends. They make my life complete. Of course I love my family but there are just some things that you can only share with your friends. I googled this theory and there were so many studies that backed up my belief that it was hard to cite just one.  Yes, having good friends not only makes you live longer, it makes you have better and more successful relationships and marriages too! It's a win,win! This is why I want to include my girlfriends in my little blog. I want to share my sweet and wonderful friends. It might give you some insight into why I might seem so … [Read more...]

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