Spring into Moda Luna

Our “Sassy Mom” models are back! And it’s a good thing because I was starting to get a little nervous twitch. I haven’t been able to coordinate with my friends to go shopping together. This full-time working is cramping my style a little bit! Can you believe they expect you to work and everything! Well, I managed to ask, convince, cajole, OK, beg really, a couple of my new coworkers to go hunt for some spring fashions so I can update my blog.  It was way overdue for some spring looks. We had already bonded over the love of bargain shopping. When you are high fived by someone because … [Read more...]

Announcing the Livin’ Sassy Club

When all of my kids entered elementary school, I thought that I would have this huge amount of time on my hands. What I have since discovered, is that I have never been busier in my entire life.  My calendar is packed full, especially during the school year. There are no little boxes filled in that have my name on it. Well, unless you count the day that I reserve to do the laundry. It seems to be the same story with everyone I talk to with kids that are school age. I have come up with an idea to bring my friends and readers together. I am calling it the Livin’ Sassy Club. It’s like a Girl … [Read more...]

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Gap

My niece is getting married soon and I have yet to find a dress to wear. I want to find a wrap dress in a bright color. I love wrap dresses. They feel so good on and look great on most body types, especially mine, with a smaller waist and ample hips. I like the word ample. It sure sounds better than big!  I found this one online at The Gap. It is similar to a couple that I already have but they aren't in summer colors. I want the sleeves to be shorter but you get the idea of what I have my mind set on. I had exactly an hour to run in and do a little shopping by myself in hopes of finding … [Read more...]

Last Minute Mother’s Day Ideas

If you haven't found a Mother's Day gift for your Mom or Wife yet, (yes, we do have some male readers) then I have a few ideas for you! I finished up early taking pictures of some sassy Moms down at the Pearl yesterday. They were dressed in running attire from Run Wild Sports.  I plan on posting those pictures next week. I can't wait for you to see them all. I got a little teary eyed when I was looking at them last night. The confidence these two ladies displayed in these pictures just really spoke to me. You can just see how at ease they are with their bodies. Proof to me that I need to … [Read more...]

Wine 101

I am finally recovered from Fiesta and am getting caught up on all things domestic around the house. Well, not all things, but I did manage to clean out the garage. Contrary to my last post, unfortunately I don't spend too much time in swanky hotels. I thought I would let you know the excitement that was in store for me today. I have been on the hunt for this spice for 3 days; Star Anise. It is hard to find in a whole form. I had to go to a totally different store across town to find it today. Riveting. Stop the Presses. Do you like the fancy paper towel I used in the photo to show … [Read more...]

The Fancy Camera is Back

The camera I bought back in January had to be sent back for repair. It came back today and the problem was the mirror. I hope it never happens again. I missed it so much. My other cameras are secondary to this one. It is a NIKON D5100. Oh, I am so glad to have it in my hands again! I had the camera with me when I went to pick up the clothes from Francesca's at LaCantera. My friends had picked out clothes for our photo shoot today. To bring you up to speed, a large part of Livin' Sassy is me taking a group of my friends and having them model the latest fashions. We pick out a store and then … [Read more...]

Compass Points to Spring

I love costume jewelry. I actually get a little rush of endorphins when I am looking at jewelry. I have no idea why but it is pretty harmless of an addiction as long as I don't buy it all. I was in need of a little pick me up today since I had just gone to the dentist and discovered my root canal would have to be redone. The pharmacy was going to be an hour so I strolled down to Compass Trading Company to see what they have for spring. I totally forgot about that toothache when I walked in the door! They still have mostly jewelry but they are now carrying blue jeans and some shoes. I love … [Read more...]

Tuesday Morning on a Friday Afternoon

I get in these moods every now and then that I really need to redecorate some rooms in the house. After the reality of a limited budget sets in, I usually head to Tuesday Morning. I can find an item or two that quickly updates something and for very little money. Today I was searching for some new curtains for the kitchen. I haven't been able to find anything in the almost fourteen years that we have lived in this house so I don't know why I thought today might have been the day. The brown shutters have kind of grown on me, but a girl should always leave her decorating options open! Well, of … [Read more...]

Sassy goes to CATO

I love checking out new things and pair this with inexpensive,trendy clothes and a brand new store and Sassy wants to check things out! I went to the Grand Opening of the CATO store at 1604 and Culebra today. They are in the HUGE shopping center near Super Target, right beside ULTA. Yes, ULTA, makeup nirvana, a bonus! If you haven't been to CATO lately, you will be surprised that they now carry kids clothes, at least, I was. They range in size 7-16. I am not a big mall shopper because it is too much of a time  commitment and I am always in a hurry. They seemed to have a better layout at … [Read more...]


The hubby’s big work gala is only 8 days away and I just started shopping for the dress today. I only had a couple of hours so I was in high focus mode, well I was until I walked in Marshall’s and saw a sea of pretty jackets. I couldn’t believe how many different styles they had in stock and so many colors to choose from. I kept telling myself to stay focused but I couldn’t help it. I grabbed a few to try on and then took some pictures to share with you. I should have taken a picture of their dressing rooms. The Marshall’s near my house remodeled their entire store and the dressing rooms make … [Read more...]

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