Rebecca Rather’s Pink Pig

Sassy Update:The Pink Pig Closed in August 2013 according to some of my readers. It also states this on their Facebook page. We hope Rebecca ends up somewhere else SOON!  I need a chicken salad sandwich fix!    When I first heard that Rebecca Rather was no longer at Rather Sweet Bakery, I thought the world would stop spinning on its axis. Her restaurant was my very favorite place to eat in the world.  My family would plan our trips on when it would be open to assure that we could eat there. Her chicken salad sandwiches were served on such heavenly bread that it would bring tears … [Read more...]

Staycation Day 2 in Blanco,Texas

Day 2 of Operation Staycation found us in the Hill Country town of Blanco. It is just a short 50 mile drive from San Antonio but seems like a world away. I would often visit Blanco on business when I had clients there and loved the slow pace and laid back attitude of all the people that I interacted with. Seeing the swimmers at Blanco State Park from my view off of Highway 281 over the years, made me want to take my kids to explore the beautiful scenery. My family finally made the visit on Sunday. I am now regretting why we haven't taken them before now.  It was indeed a wonderful day … [Read more...]

Il Sogno-The Food is a Work of Art

We have some friends in town that are attending the Americans for the Arts annual conference. My husband first met them when he was chief economist for the City of San Antonio. They are all partners in the consulting firm that authored the Cultural Collaborative Plan for the city in 2005. Playing host to friends that are very well traveled with a high appreciation for wonderful food could seem like a daunting task. Not if you live in San Antonio and have an array restaurants from which to choose. Last night, we chose to take our friends to Il Sogno. Having dined there numerous times … [Read more...]

The Original Donut Shop

Today was our first summertime visit to the Original Donut Shop. Years ago, we first discovered this iconic place when we wondered why so many cars were lined up for tacos at a donut spot. It was intriguing to say the least, so we pulled in their parking lot to discover it for ourselves. We quickly learned what the long lines were all about! It is now our family tradition to go the restaurant in the summer. It is located about 7 miles from our house; which is probably a good thing because we would eat there more often. We choose to take our out of town visitors there so we can be as giddy … [Read more...]

So, How was your weekend?

I had the most marvelous weekend of food. I felt like I was on vacation. I have been wanting to sit down and blog about it since Saturday night but I haven't had the chance. My mother-in-law is still here and the kids and hubby and the lions and tigers and bears, oh my! I can already tell my schedule will be drastically changed for the summer. I used to come straight home from dropping the kids off and pour my second cup of coffee while listening to Pandora and just blogged whatever I pleased. And then the last school bell rang for the year. Summertime. It is almost 2 o'clock in the … [Read more...]

The Elegance of the Eilan Hotel

If you are in need to transport yourself to Europe without having to purchase a ticket, then the new Eilan Hotel is the place for you. I was not prepared for the sight of this new development as I rounded the curve of the road that leads to their doorway. The view as I drove closer to the destination reminded me of a similar drive I made in Europe back in 1997. I felt as if I was among the many piazzas that I had fallen in love with in Italy those many years ago. The piazzas where you leisurely sip wonderful espresso and eat gelato while watching the fashionable people stroll by seemingly … [Read more...]

Lunch at Pam’s Patio Kitchen

In my former life as an account executive in the mortgage business, I could tell you any restaurant in town to take a client under any set of circumstances. I believe it does make a difference as to whether you want to build a relationship, apologize for something that might have gone wrong, or just thank them for supporting you. Each place sets a tone based on their food and ambiance. My husband used to tease me and tell people who asked what his wife did for a living, “She does lunch and she does it well!” When someone called me the other day to ask me a place to take her mother in law … [Read more...]

The Bright Shawl-A Tea Room and So Much More

I met a friend at the Bright Shawl for lunch recently. I haven't been in awhile so I was excited to see if anything had changed since my last visit. I spent a lot of time in that beautiful building. I was a member of the Junior League of San Antonio for years and I am currently a sustainer. A sustainer is basically a "retired" member that still pays dues to support the League. I love this organization. I knew exactly four people in San Antonio when we moved here over 14 years ago. I had given up my career to be a stay at home Mom and had a 4 month old baby and a husband that worked all the … [Read more...]

A sweet Valentine

I was trying to think of somewhere to meet friends for coffee early Saturday morning when this picture rolled across my computer screen on Facebook.  It is a raspberry macaroon from the CIA Bakery at the Pearl Brewery. I can't stop looking at it. Don't you just want one? I am not really a macaroon person but I am willing to give it a whirl. It is amazing to me how food is so visual. I bet it smells good too. Hopefully my friends will all want to meet there before we head over to the Garage of Good sale.  A morning out with girlfriends is long overdue.   For more details on the … [Read more...]

The World’s Best Kolache

I have been very busy lately finishing up the Sassy Mom Looks at the Rodeo post. I hope you had time to read it. I never realized how much work would be involved  in taking some pictures. I wish you could see us when we are all picking out clothes to wear for each model. You would think we were a bunch of  giggly teenagers.  Maybe that is why I love doing this so much. I cannot begin to tell you how different this is from the mortgage business. I love numbers and helping people buy their dream home and of course, seeing all my wonderful co-workers. I still have to get my fix of watching CNBC … [Read more...]

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