This Golden Ring

Over a year ago, I lost my  wedding ring. It was about the same time that we brought a new puppy home. I had the strange suspicion that Sofie had carried off the ring in her mouth and took it in the back yard. I had put the ring down on an end table to put some hand lotion on. The next thing I knew, it was gone. The back door  was wide open with the kids playing with the new puppy. Although it is insured, I haven’t gotten around to replacing it. I guess in my mind, I had hopes that it would eventually be found. Besides, there were far too many important things to spend our money on; like … [Read more...]

Happy Anniversary to the Big Stud

Eighteen years ago today, in the little church where I grew up at around 3:30 in the afternoon, my Daddy walked me down the aisle to the man of my dreams.             There is no other person in the world that I would rather spend the rest of my life with than you; the most thoughtful,caring,smart and compassionate man I have ever met.             And pretty funny too.   I love you big Stud. I would gladly do it all over again. Happy … [Read more...]

Emergency Date Night

I was feeling overwhelmed with birthday parties and the kids school and sports activities. I called for an emergency date night on Saturday night.   I just wanted a casual meal with my man that wasn't rushed or one I didn't have to cook. I wanted to go somewhere and hold hands and pretend that we have absolutely no responsibilities whatsoever for at least a few hours.  I have never called it this before so the hubby (aka the Big Stud) was a little worried. He said, "What exactly makes it an emergency?"  I assured him that it didn't involve talking about his feelings. Of course with this … [Read more...]

Half marathon? Are you serious?

My husband came home with a flyer from Run Wild Sports in the Pearl Brewery not long after I was laid off from the most stressful job of my entire career. There is just something about clients screaming at you because your loan guidelines are changing by the hour that tends to make your heart rate go up. For once in my life, I didn't make excuses like," I don't like to sweat" or "I don't look good in workout clothes" or "I have 3 children." Something inside told me that the timing was right and I needed to get back those years off of my health that the mortgage meltdown had just taken from … [Read more...]

Secrets for a Pretty Happy Marriage

This year the hubby and I will be married 18 years. I can’t believe it. The fact that time has flown by so quickly or that we have somehow managed to cruise along with some pretty big bumps in the road is not taken for granted. Throughout the years, marriage and how to keep it happy has often been the topic of many gatherings with my girlfriends. Every marriage is different, but there seems to be some common themes and pieces of advice that I would love to share with you. I am in no way an expert in this area, but by Hollywood standards 18 years of marriage would automatically qualify me to be … [Read more...]

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