My Big Hair: A Historical Perspective

I was born with naturally curly hair. I used to hate it when I was growing up. I finally appreciated it by the time I reached high school. I was looking through some old photos while I was cleaning out my guest bedroom closet. I could almost give you the exact date simply by seeing my hair style in the photograph. My hair style has changed over the years but one thing I couldn't help but notice was that I have really big hair. I mean, really,really big hair. I thought it would be fun for you to see a little historical look at my life of big hair. Let's call it, "Sassy-A Historical Look … [Read more...]

The Long and Winding Road

I took a trip down the “Long and Winding Road” near my hometown in East Texas this past weekend. I haven't been down this road in a very long time. It is about 3 miles long and full of twists and curves. Not only is it scenic but is also somewhat secluded as well.   I don't know the history of who might have given this little road the unofficial name after the famous Beatles song. I only remember that when I was a teenager, everyone who had ever been on it knew exactly what road you were referring to without ever having to give directions to meet them there. You simply had to say, … [Read more...]

Happy July 4th

Happy 4th of July! Driving for five hours in the car isn't our typical July 4th way to celebrate this day, but it is this year. I am so sorry I haven't blogged much lately. Maybe you thought that I was off on some exotic island or too upset about the TomKat impending divorce; neither of which would be true. And I might just be delusional in thinking that you even missed me a little bit. After all, the whole world seems to be on vacation right now, but I sure did think about you. We went on our annual summer tour of Texas. We go and visit my family in East Texas and the big Stud's … [Read more...]

Kilgore’s Cake Chase This Saturday

Well It's a Cake Chase! Did somebody say cake? Bring your friends and family to celebrate the City of Kilgore's 140th Birthday! Why she doesn't look a day over 100! Did  she have work done? Why yes,she did! The whole downtown is gussied up and looking beautiful! They are celebrating by hosting a Cake Chase which is a 5K Run and 1 mile walk on Saturday, April 28,2012 at 201 N. Commerce St. Kilgore,Tx. In the heart of of downtown by the train depot. Check in starts at 7am and the Race and Walk begins at 8am and Awards at 9am. Pre-Registration is $25 which includes a T-shirt and … [Read more...]

Sassy’s Big Family-Small Town Giveaway!

I just wrapped up my last post about my hometown of Kilgore,Texas. I hope you enjoyed them as much as did in getting to see my family and friends while I was home. Livin' Sassy is giving away some things in honor of her big ol' family and the small town she grew up in! Sassy's Siblings in birth oder are: Janie,Bill,Trisha,Jimmy,Liz,Kathryn,John,Laura and Lynn I am in my Dad's lap. Can you tell our Mom cut our bangs? In order to be included in the drawing, you must post a comment about your favorite memory growing up in Kilgore or if you haven't been there yet, then mention the … [Read more...]

Shopping and Eating Under the Oil Derricks

There were squeals of delight when I contacted my high school friends to meet me over spring break so we could show off our hometown of Kilgore, Texas. We all currently live in various parts of the state so I had to juggle travel and busy schedules of all these Sassy Mom models but we finally had a date and time to meet so I could take their pictures for the website. We are so proud of the new look and feel of downtown. We couldn't wait to share with you the transformation our town has gone through the last few years.  I knew there were lots of places to shop and eat but I didn't realize … [Read more...]

Sassy Girlfriend’s Top 10 Favorite Things #3

Meet my friend Regina. Isn't she pretty? She's smart too. She is from my hometown of Kilgore. We were in band together and graduated the same year. Yes, we are band nerds and proud of it. We both twirled flags together really high while wearing white go-go boots. Such talent. We also played a pretty mean clarinet. We were always competing for first and second chair clarinet. She was first more than me. It's OK. I have accepted it. She is a busy single Mother of four. Yes, four. She likes to remodel her house and rip out walls all by herself.  Did I mention she was single? Do you know … [Read more...]

Our Love Note to Downtown Kilgore

In 1955, soon after graduating from Southwestern Medical School and interning at Baylor Hospital, my Daddy set out to find a town to set up his practice and raise his growing family. His father was a successful neurosurgeon in Fort Worth. He desired a different experience for his new career in the medical profession. He wanted a much smaller town environment so he could get to know the families a little more in his general practice.  When he drove into the town of Kilgore, he quickly knew that this would be the place. He loved the tall pine trees and the vibrant downtown that was sprinkled with … [Read more...]

Feel Pampered at Laurie’s Hair Day Salon

I knew exactly who to call after I got the idea of taking pictures of my friends in my hometown of Kilgore,Texas. I wanted them to feel like they were going on a real photo shoot. Laurie Thrower-Day has been cutting hair for over twenty years. She has a very loyal following so I called her way ahead of time to book an appointment to have everyone's hair done. We had such a large group that we needed not only Laurie's hair expertise but Stacy's as well. Not only did they make them feel special but they all looked so beautiful when they were all finished! As I was listening and taking … [Read more...]

Sassy on the Street from Kilgore!

Sassy on the Street for this week happens in my hometown of Kilgore, Texas. I have been visiting family and taking pictures of the downtown area. It looks so beautiful now with all the revitalization efforts over the past several years. I hope to have it all finished up and posted in the next few days. I took pictures of some girlfriends all around the landmarks in fashions from the clothing stores. It is so hard to decide on what pictures to use. There are so many good ones. In the meantime, I found some sassy gals on my way out of town. This is Alesha. She was visiting from Michigan where … [Read more...]

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