The Story Behind The Picture

In am reposting this in honor of World Down Syndrome Day. I am honored to know these two amazing families and share their incredible story of faith and love.  This picture has been circulating around the Internet for quite awhile. It went viral after it was posted on the International Down Syndrome Coalition's Facebook page. It was part of a campaign to promote awareness of those with DS. It was a collaboration between the local Down Syndrome Association of San Antonio and the IDSC. I can think of a couple of reasons why it touched so many people's hearts. The little girl in the … [Read more...]

A Yellow Rose

I’ve gotten to the point in life that I am having to attend a lot of funerals. It’s not exactly something that I look forward to but in some unexpected ways, they’ve become a place of comfort. My earliest memory of Chris Dukes was hearing her high heels tap down the long hallway that lead to my daddy’s office. As she turned the corner with her boys in tow, I saw her bright red hair and even brighter red lipstick. She was wearing a white, starched shirt, black pencil skirt and sling back black pumps. And as she stepped into the lobby area full of people waiting their turn to see the … [Read more...]

Women Who Inspire

            I often hesitate to use the word "inspiring" as a description of an event. People are inspired by so many different things. Yesterday, at Women in the World Texas, it was very apparent that the entire sold out audience was inspired by what took place in six hours at the Charline McCombs Empire Theatre. One by one they spoke.   There was no big production stage; only words, powerful words.  They came from all walks of life and various backgrounds.  No politics. No hidden agendas. Only words.  Even at the end … [Read more...]

Big Changes Coming to Livin’ Sassy

My little blog has been awfully quiet lately, too quiet. I never knew how much I loved blogging until I stopped doing it full time. Something happened a few months ago that put me on a path for change. I received a phone call in my car during my work -day. It was someone wanting to publish one of my blog posts in their national magazine. Who, me? Oh yes, I do have a blog! I did write that story of those amazing women. I then went to the post on my smart phone and read it again. I cried. Oh, how I love the power of words. I love to be moved to tears in observation of … [Read more...]

A Painting that Inspires

In June of 2010, we were home visiting my family in East Texas. We didn’t have anything special planned. We typically just hang out with my brothers and sisters and their families. We sometimes go to the lake or the airport and my husband plays some golf with my brothers every now and then.  Our goal is to have our kids be able to hang out with their cousins and enjoy having no schedules. During this visit, there was an estate sale and auction being held. This wasn’t your typical estate sale. The contents of entire house,barn and livestock were being sold. The ad in the Kilgore News Herald, … [Read more...]

Running More than a Race

When I first met Jonnie Wheeler at a San Antonio Mother of Multiples meeting, she seemed to have it all; a handsome military doctor husband, a beautiful nine-year old daughter and precious triplets. Even with having very young babies at home, she looked as if she had just stepped out of the pages of a fashion magazine. And to top it all off, she was so warm, friendly and humble about her obvious outward beauty. I had no idea that her seemingly  perfect life would soon take a serious change for the worse. One of Jonnie's friends had informed her of something that she had witnessed. She … [Read more...]

Through Our Mother’s Eyes

Last Wednesday afternoon, I got a call from my brother John.  I had accidentally left my cell phone on vibrate from a meeting earlier in the day. He had already hung up by the time I answered it. I finished going through the kid’s backpacks and got them started on their homework before I called him back. When I heard the tone of his voice, I knew something was wrong. He calmly said, “Mom is gone.” I don’t remember my initial reaction but it was startling enough to send my children scampering in the den to find out why their mother was so upset. Although our Mom was 82 years old … [Read more...]

Sassy Girlfriends Top 10 Favorite Things #8

Meet my friend Cheryl. Isn't she pretty? I met her when I lived in Dallas. If you ever want to find Cheryl in a crowded room, just look for the people having the most fun. She has such a vivacious laugh and smile that instantly puts everyone at ease. When I was a loan officer at a credit union in Plano, we needed a teller. The entire branch unanimously wanted to hire Cheryl.  I still consider that my favorite job of my whole career. It was because Cheryl was such a joy to work with and all of the members instantly fell in love with her too. When people are willing to wait in a very long line … [Read more...]

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