I Guess it Was a Half Marathon

Have you ever walked a half marathon with a stomach virus? Well, I don't recommend that you try it anytime soon! I trained this summer and fall with a group of ladies from my neighborhood. We all have kids of various ages and tried our best to carve out a little time for exercise. There is nothing better than getting up early on Saturday mornings and walking along the Museum Reach of the Riverwalk and beyond.  We would be done in time to buy some fresh goods from the Farmer's Market. It was heavenly! And then school started and everyone's schedules got a little too busy. There were … [Read more...]

Can you Lobby if you Don’t Hobby?

Hobby Lobby just opened up a new store near our house. We've been watching it go up since it's so close to the gym, movie theatre, Home Goods and Nordstrom Rack near our house. That shopping center is almost retail nirvana now. I have absolutely no idea why I like Hobby Lobby so much. I don't craft. I don't sew. I'm not the greatest at projects that involve gluing anything. I scrapbooked once. It was at a friend's party. I did two pages and then got sidetracked talking to everybody. And then I did like any good friend would do, I bought the most expensive scrapbooking package from her … [Read more...]

My latest Sam Moon finds

FULL DISCLAIMER: This is a lame attempt at a post on Sassy Looks! I just wanted to tell you the truth upfront that this is a lame post! If you ever go over to the full blown website and see the category under "Sassy Looks" then you would know that I haven't updated it since March! And it's been really bothering me! It is usually  the section of the blog when I get my friends together and we take pictures at a new store in town. I have been trying since June to get various friends together. And they have all been on vacation! It doesn't really help that I now work full time so I am … [Read more...]

Too Old to Spray Tan?

I left the house tonight and declared, "I'm leaving to get a spray tan. I won't be gone long." And my teenage boy kind of giggled and said, "Mom, aren't you like too old for that?" Do spray tans have age limits? I mean, I understand that spray tanning toddlers for beauty pageants is a little ridiculous. But my son's comment made me wonder if there is a maximum age limit. The last time I had a spray tan was about three or four years ago when I bought a halter dress for a gala I attended with the big Stud. I decided that since I never actually took the wrap off my arms the entire night … [Read more...]

Pinterest Comes to Life Once a Year

I just spent the weekend with my husband. And unlike the other fifty-one weekends of the year, it was just us. We have gotten away for at least one night together for the last nineteen years. It started out as a way to celebrate my husband's birthday. After the kids arrived, it became mandatory for our marriage to stay happy. If the budget allows, we like to choose a four star hotel because it just makes it even more special. There have been plenty of years that it ended up being a one star hotel! It really doesn't matter where we escape but just the fact that we … [Read more...]

Cooking 101

Last night I successfully chopped garlic while wearing bangle bracelets......Tonight, I may attempt boiling an egg while wearing high heels! … [Read more...]

Say it Ain’t So Ashley

 Today, I had every intention of going out and blogging about chocolate. I had my camera all ready to go out and take pictures of deep, rich, creamy chocolate for a Valentine’s Day post. I have this new obsession with taking pictures of food. And I know my days are numbered when I can leisurely find a place and then blog about it all in one day. Sigh. I had a long list of appointments to make this morning to get better organized in anticipation of having a real job. Since I have been using a different part my brain, the creative one and not the financial one, I find myself more scattered … [Read more...]

The Sassiest Restaurant Bathrooms in San Antonio

Am I the only one that has noticed a trend in local San Antonio restaurants having sassy bathroom décor? Well, if you haven’t been paying much attention, let me be the one to enlighten you! You have to admit that the ladies bathroom does make you get a sense of a restaurant’s overall experience. I am sure there are tons of focus groups and high dollar designers that are paid that consult new restaurants in how to decorate the restroom facilities. Since I am the self-appointed expert on all things sassy, I tend to store this otherwise useless information in my mind. And I will give … [Read more...]

Our Website Motto

Kardashian FREE 24 hours a day 7 days a week! … [Read more...]

Mayans? What Mayans?

So what time is the world ending exactly? Do I have time to color my hair? … [Read more...]

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