Flowers in Abundance

I've been walking by this single white rose since Friday. I brought it home from a funeral I attended and put it in a little vase. The husband asked the congregation to take some flowers with them as they exited the church. There were way too many for him and his family to take home. His wife had many friends. And each time I pass by and catch a glimpse of these now browning petals, I feel such a pain in my heart from the loss of someone so special. I pray that her boys will be alright. She taught me so much about being an advocate for my daughter. I don't think I ever … [Read more...]

A Woman of Significance

                                Last year on September 5th, my day began like any other day. I struggled to get the kids out of bed because they were still adjusting to the start of a new school year. I raced my daughter Catherine into class just as the tardy bell rang. I met a colleague and friend for breakfast. I ran a few errands and then it was time to pick up the kids from school.   It was just another day. I would have even called it rather … [Read more...]

Prayers for Oklahoma

Our prayers tonight as I tucked my children in bed were for the families affected by the Oklahoma tornadoes. The bad weather was the topic of our dinner conversation. There is nothing sweeter than seeing my children with their hands folded in prayer asking God to "Keep them all safe, Amen." When I finally turned on the television to see the extent of the damage, it literally took the breath out of me. I immediately thought about all those families who had spent the morning rushing out the door to get to school and work. In a few short hours, their lives would never be the same. A seemingly … [Read more...]

And For This, I Am Eternally Grateful

I talked to a large group of first year medical students at UT Health Science Center this past Wednesday about my experiences with death and dying. It was such a wonderful opportunity last year to share my loved ones' stories. I knew that my perspective was unique in that my parents met while my dad was in medical school and my mom was in nursing school. To be honest, I  almost didn't go. When I first got the email about speaking again this year, it had only been about 5 months since my mom had passed away. The pain was still so raw. How could I possibly get through it? When I emailed … [Read more...]

About Me

A few weeks ago I updated the "About Me" on the blog. Initially I had put something vague about who I was because it felt rather strange to have a whole website to myself.  It felt a little narcissistic at first. Plus, I wanted the blog to be about my friends too. Since I  have recently been looking for a job, a real job with benefits and everything, I thought it best just to give the specifics since I decided to include the blog on my resume.  Over the last fourteen years when my son was born I have had a resume filled with full time, part-time, contract work, etc. I have been in and out … [Read more...]

One Mother’s New Year’s Resolution

I have a guest post today. It is written by a very special mother that lost her son in a car accident when he was 19 years old in March of 2011. I have seen so many people making their resolutions for the year but this was the most incredibly meaningful one I have ever read. She grew up in my hometown of Kilgore and is probably one of the most positive,upbeat people you will ever meet. We all grieved with her when we heard the news about her son. Her Facebook page went silent for a long time. We all missed her and her positive posts that would be there first thing in the morning. We all prayed … [Read more...]

Our White Christmas in Kilgore

We drove to Kilgore after spending Christmas Eve in Dallas. The candlelight service we attended with Nana was magical. This year, more than any Christmas before, we wanted to be with family. And the magic wouldn’t end in that historic cathedral amid the candles and singing of Silent Night. Although the weather forecast had predicted snow, we weren’t anticipating it on this Christmas Day.  Snow in East Texas is pretty rare and even more so on Christmas. Late in the afternoon, snow flakes starting falling from the sky. We all ran outside to see for ourselves. We all stood there is … [Read more...]

I Believe. A Day It Snowed in South Texas

Today, I have a guest post by my sweet neighbor Stella. She shared with me a story that it took two years for her to write. She lost her daddy to cancer on December 20th, 2010. I know all too well about the pain of loss and am honored to share her story with my readers. She is a wonderful teacher, mother, wife and daughter.  I am blessed to call her friend. Please say a little prayer for her and everyone else who are filled with loss this Christmas season.   I Believe by Stella Flores   There was once a little girl who knew the man that hung the moon. The man … [Read more...]

A Painting that Inspires

In June of 2010, we were home visiting my family in East Texas. We didn’t have anything special planned. We typically just hang out with my brothers and sisters and their families. We sometimes go to the lake or the airport and my husband plays some golf with my brothers every now and then.  Our goal is to have our kids be able to hang out with their cousins and enjoy having no schedules. During this visit, there was an estate sale and auction being held. This wasn’t your typical estate sale. The contents of entire house,barn and livestock were being sold. The ad in the Kilgore News Herald, … [Read more...]

Just the Cutest Brownies Ever

My twins participated in the Girl Scouts Investiture tonight. They were pinned at the ceremony. I guess this is the official date that they start their Girl Scout career! I didn't know how my daughter Catherine would do. As with everything I have learned  having one twin with special needs, you just try and hope for the best. And the best it is! She loves it and so does her twin, Savannah. I couldn't have been any happier about the whole experience. Well, maybe if my Mom was still here so she could share in my joy. I don't post very many pictures on the blog of my children; mostly … [Read more...]

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