De Rigueur of Kilgore

Style. Are you born with it? Do you acquire it over time? Who inspired your sense of style? For me, I know that I was influenced by my mother. She would never go out of the house without her lipstick. When she wasn't wearing nursing scrubs at my dad's office, she loved to wear suits and dresses. I very rarely saw her in a pair of pants. I also remember being mesmerized by Judy McCracken and  Chris Dukes .  I would see Judy at my friend  Melissa's house. She would have clothes delivered to her by The Toggery which was a local ladies apparel store. She would try on the outfits for us … [Read more...]

Hometown Vacation

When you live in a city of a million people, sometimes spending a little time away in a small town is the perfect summer vacation.  And that's what my family decided to do when we went to my hometown of Kilgore, Texas. We booked four nights at a local hotel and acted like tourists. Can you say free breakfast buffet? It has quickly become a tradition to get our entire Ott family together in the month of July. This summer, it was over the 4th  of July holiday. Instead of my usual vacation planning on sites like Tripadvisor, I simply called my brother John. I consider him to be … [Read more...]

Eternally Grateful Journal

As I was driving to my hometown of Kilgore, Texas to help make funeral arrangements for our Mother’s funeral, a sense of calm came over me. I don’t know if it was because I knew what to expect since this was our third funeral to plan. Can this process possibly get easier? It seemed so absurd. This was the matriarch of our family so shouldn’t it be the hardest thing we have ever done? What I then realized was that our Mom prepared us for this moment our whole entire lives. There wasn’t a day that we didn’t feel loved. She would sing praises of our accomplishments every moment that she could … [Read more...]

Sassy Girlfriends Top 10 Favorite Things #5

Meet my friend Charlotte. She is from my hometown. We were in band together. This is what band nerds grow up to look like! Hubba,Hubba! She is the epitome of a Southern Lady. She is sweet,caring,soft,resilient and smart. Her faith and wit run deep and her loyalty even deeper. She is all the things that I love about growing up in East Texas. Love ya Charlotte. You are one of a kind and I am so blessed to call you a friend! Her list will make you realize that everyone who knows Charlotte loves her too!   Here are the things that make her feel Sassy!  * Watching Gone With The Wind … [Read more...]

Sassy Girlfriend’s Top 10 Favorite Things #3

Meet my friend Regina. Isn't she pretty? She's smart too. She is from my hometown of Kilgore. We were in band together and graduated the same year. Yes, we are band nerds and proud of it. We both twirled flags together really high while wearing white go-go boots. Such talent. We also played a pretty mean clarinet. We were always competing for first and second chair clarinet. She was first more than me. It's OK. I have accepted it. She is a busy single Mother of four. Yes, four. She likes to remodel her house and rip out walls all by herself.  Did I mention she was single? Do you know … [Read more...]

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