A Little Sassy Update

I wanted to give y'all a little update about what's been going on in my personal life. It seems like I've been blogging here and there and not really letting my readers know what I've been up to lately. No one really prepares you for the grief you feel when you lose your momma.  It's gut wrenching, lonely, and no one really wants to talk about it that much. At first, I wanted to gloss it over like everything was just fine; always the pollyanna.  It didn't help much. You can't run away from grief, trust me, Lord knows I tried. You have to take it like a big girl. And one day, if you are … [Read more...]

Through Our Mother’s Eyes

Last Wednesday afternoon, I got a call from my brother John.  I had accidentally left my cell phone on vibrate from a meeting earlier in the day. He had already hung up by the time I answered it. I finished going through the kid’s backpacks and got them started on their homework before I called him back. When I heard the tone of his voice, I knew something was wrong. He calmly said, “Mom is gone.” I don’t remember my initial reaction but it was startling enough to send my children scampering in the den to find out why their mother was so upset. Although our Mom was 82 years old … [Read more...]

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