The Story Behind The Picture

In am reposting this in honor of World Down Syndrome Day. I am honored to know these two amazing families and share their incredible story of faith and love.  This picture has been circulating around the Internet for quite awhile. It went viral after it was posted on the International Down Syndrome Coalition's Facebook page. It was part of a campaign to promote awareness of those with DS. It was a collaboration between the local Down Syndrome Association of San Antonio and the IDSC. I can think of a couple of reasons why it touched so many people's hearts. The little girl in the … [Read more...]

I Guess it Was a Half Marathon

Have you ever walked a half marathon with a stomach virus? Well, I don't recommend that you try it anytime soon! I trained this summer and fall with a group of ladies from my neighborhood. We all have kids of various ages and tried our best to carve out a little time for exercise. There is nothing better than getting up early on Saturday mornings and walking along the Museum Reach of the Riverwalk and beyond.  We would be done in time to buy some fresh goods from the Farmer's Market. It was heavenly! And then school started and everyone's schedules got a little too busy. There were … [Read more...]

When Did You Stop Dancing?

I went to a wedding this past weekend. It was held in the Dallas area where I lived for over twelve years. I made lots of friendships over that amount of time. It started out as a family trip. We booked a hotel room in Frisco that had an indoor pool. And two of our kids ended up getting a virus and stayed behind with my husband. It was just me and one of my 8 year old twin daughters, Savannah. She couldn't believe that it was going to be the two of us. It is pretty rare to spend so much time with one child when you have three children. The weather forecast called for heavy … [Read more...]

Sassy in San Antonio with Kaycie

We have week two of "Sassy in San Antonio." It's a little series on the blog that finds out what my girlfriend's favorite things are to do in town. This week, I asked Kaycie to share her thoughts on San Antonio. I first met her at playgroup when my son was about four or five and her daughters were about the same age.  I can't remember exactly but I knew the minute I met her that we would get along nicely! She's laid back and doesn't take things too seriously, and then there's that mutual love of wine! I thought it would be great to get her perspective on SA since she has moved … [Read more...]

A Bon Jovi Sassy Girl’s Night Out

If you've been a Livin' Sassy reader for very long,you realize that this website is like a virtual Girl's Night Out.   Sassy Mothers of Multiples       We laugh. We cry. We eat. We  shop.  Sassy Teachers    And  through it all, we support one another.   Sassy Triathletes  Every now and then, I like to give some things away to my readers because what sassy girl doesn't like a chance to win something?   Y'all, with this give away, we have hit the mother lode!   I have two pairs of tickets to the upcoming Bon … [Read more...]

How She Said No to Diabetes

When my friend Carrie Bond came to the Livin' Sassy event a few weeks ago, she left with something she never thought she would; a size 8 pair of skinny jeans. She brought them back to our table with tears in her eyes. I asked her why she was so emotional. She said she hadn't worn that size since junior high. At that moment, I knew I had to share her story with my readers. There are so many women that are just like Carrie. The minute they become a busy mother and even busier employee, their own personal health and wellness take a back seat to all of their other responsibilities. Her life in … [Read more...]

Eternally Grateful for Sisterhood

 “Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion.” –Truvy, Steel Magnolias "Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together." -Elizabeth Taylor One of my all time favorite movies is Steel Magnolias. I have probably seen it about 100 times. I remember being anxious for the premier in 1989. It was filmed on location in Natchitoches, LA, which is only 140 miles from my hometown. I wanted to see if I would recognize any of the landmarks around town; not knowing that it would be the characters that I would recognize more than anything else. It is based upon a true … [Read more...]

Eternally Grateful Journal

As I was driving to my hometown of Kilgore, Texas to help make funeral arrangements for our Mother’s funeral, a sense of calm came over me. I don’t know if it was because I knew what to expect since this was our third funeral to plan. Can this process possibly get easier? It seemed so absurd. This was the matriarch of our family so shouldn’t it be the hardest thing we have ever done? What I then realized was that our Mom prepared us for this moment our whole entire lives. There wasn’t a day that we didn’t feel loved. She would sing praises of our accomplishments every moment that she could … [Read more...]

Sassy Girlfriends Top 10 Favorite Things #8

Meet my friend Cheryl. Isn't she pretty? I met her when I lived in Dallas. If you ever want to find Cheryl in a crowded room, just look for the people having the most fun. She has such a vivacious laugh and smile that instantly puts everyone at ease. When I was a loan officer at a credit union in Plano, we needed a teller. The entire branch unanimously wanted to hire Cheryl.  I still consider that my favorite job of my whole career. It was because Cheryl was such a joy to work with and all of the members instantly fell in love with her too. When people are willing to wait in a very long line … [Read more...]

Sassy Girlfriends Top 10 Favorite Things #7

Meet my friend Angie. We met when her family moved to East Texas when she was a young girl. We became instant friends but everyone becomes friends with her. She lights up every room she enters with her huge smile and even bigger heart. She is one of those friends that you might not talk to for awhile but just thinking about her brings you comfort. I don't think she has ever met a stranger. And you are assured that if you do have the pleasure of meeting her one day, you will want to call her friend too. She has the most amazing voice and when she sings it sounds like it comes from heaven above. … [Read more...]

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