For the Love of Pancakes

Pancakes. I bet you just smiled. There's just something about pancakes that conjures up happy thoughts!  And this past weekend, we found the happiest pancake place in San Antonio! Pancake Joe's is located near Jefferson High School and close to downtown off of Donaldson Avenue. It's in a strip center that has no signage from the road. It took us awhile to find it but we were determined since it had come highly recommended by friends. I knew it had to be around somewhere because there were so many cars in the parking lot. (directly across from the Dollar General Store) Since the … [Read more...]

A Tiu Steppi Celebration

There is nothing more I love than going out to eat for a celebration. You don't have to cook and someone else does the dishes. And you can usually get some ideas for recipes to try at home, or make that my husband can try at home! Let's just say he's the better cook in our house! When your kids ask when daddy's getting home so he will be the one to make dinner, then you just know! It's OK, I've learned to embrace it! We went out last weekend to celebrate my son's 16th birthday. We had been out all day running errands and ended up at the mall. We wanted to get out of the crowds and go to a … [Read more...]

There’s a Reason It’s Called Comfort

When I was trying to decide where we could go for our 20th wedding anniversary getaway,  the only requirement was that it should be quiet and relaxing. With a very busy house of 3 kids, it's a luxury! In case you haven't been to this little part of the Hill Country in awhile, you will be in for a nice surprise. We found out very soon that Comfort is so much more than their 4th of July parades.    The GPS says that Comfort, Texas is exactly 37 miles from our driveway.  After staying two nights, it felt more like a million miles away! We booked a room at the Hotel Faust after seeing … [Read more...]

Sassy in San Antonio

I am starting a new series on Livin' Sassy.   I'm calling it "Sassy in San Antonio." It's going to be like the "Sassy Girlfriend Top 10 Favorite Things."   Do y'all remember those?  You'll have to think way back, it's when I first started the blog. I loved it because I got to share my girlfriends with my readers. I could brag on them and their lists would give you a little glimpse into their world.  They came from all over Texas and the US for that matter! Sassiness is universal! Over  the past two years of blogging,  Livin' Sassy has evolved into a little place on the internet to not … [Read more...]

We Can’t Stay Away from Garbanzo’s

My family first ate at Garbanzo's about two months ago. And ever since then, it has become the most frequently requested place to eat from everyone in my house!         I guess it is so surprising to me because this restaurant is Mediterranean and offers a very healthy menu of food. When your teenage boy and 8 year old girls insist on a whole wheat pita with feta cheese, chicken and hummus as their food to eat out, who am I to argue?   (Kid's Meal Bowl)   The restaurant is located in Huebner Oaks and is the only one of its kind in the … [Read more...]

JackRyan’s in Downtown Kilgore

As we drove through downtown Kilgore a few weeks ago on our way to my brother Jimmy’s house, we saw a huge amount of cars parked near the railroad tracks. (no picture of all the cars since I was driving at the time!) Was there a festival going on? Could it be it be all the people in town for the Shakespeare Festival or the Balloon Races?  When we arrived at out family reunion, which was pretty crowded since all my siblings and their families were there, we got our answer.   According to the resident foodies in our family, we had just witnessed the typical crowd that lines up … [Read more...]

Charleston on My Mind

My family hadn't decided until three weeks before our vacation what our destination would be this summer. We knew that we wanted it to include golf, the beach, great food and a family friendly place. When my husband mentioned Charleston, South Carolina being on the top of his bucket list, we decided that this would be the year that he would get to cross it off. After doing research on the internet and booking some of the last plane tickets and hotel rooms available, I was starting to get even more excited about our long over due summer trip. Our plane rides were perfect on the way. We … [Read more...]

When Sassy Meets a Farmer’s Market

There’s been a lot going on lately between work and the end of the school year. Our kids are always involved in some way or another in sports activities. We wouldn’t have it any other way. And as most couples know, your marriage can take a backseat to all that activity. I’ve blogged before about our “Secrets of a Pretty Happy Marriage."  I have been giving my fair share of advice to my girlfriends these past couple of weeks. I was telling all the swim team moms about how my husband and I were determined not wake up one day as empty nesters and look at each other and think, “Who the heck are … [Read more...]

Burger FI

After spending the morning having breakfast at Bakery Lorraine and then buying massive amounts of vegetables from the Pearl Farmer’s Market with the kids, it was time to run some errands closer to our house.   Our kids seem to be growing out of their clothes by the minute, so we wanted to stroll around Shops at La Cantera to find them some summer clothes and shoes.  It’s almost time for swim team to start so they all needed new bathing suits. And the weather was just perfect to keep shopping outdoors. We had no plans on eating while we were there but it was taking so long to find … [Read more...]

Rebecca Rather’s Pink Pig

Sassy Update:The Pink Pig Closed in August 2013 according to some of my readers. It also states this on their Facebook page. We hope Rebecca ends up somewhere else SOON!  I need a chicken salad sandwich fix!    When I first heard that Rebecca Rather was no longer at Rather Sweet Bakery, I thought the world would stop spinning on its axis. Her restaurant was my very favorite place to eat in the world.  My family would plan our trips on when it would be open to assure that we could eat there. Her chicken salad sandwiches were served on such heavenly bread that it would bring tears … [Read more...]

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