De Rigueur of Kilgore

Style. Are you born with it? Do you acquire it over time? Who inspired your sense of style? For me, I know that I was influenced by my mother. She would never go out of the house without her lipstick. When she wasn't wearing nursing scrubs at my dad's office, she loved to wear suits and dresses. I very rarely saw her in a pair of pants. I also remember being mesmerized by Judy McCracken and  Chris Dukes .  I would see Judy at my friend  Melissa's house. She would have clothes delivered to her by The Toggery which was a local ladies apparel store. She would try on the outfits for us … [Read more...]

Sassy in San Antonio

I am starting a new series on Livin' Sassy.   I'm calling it "Sassy in San Antonio." It's going to be like the "Sassy Girlfriend Top 10 Favorite Things."   Do y'all remember those?  You'll have to think way back, it's when I first started the blog. I loved it because I got to share my girlfriends with my readers. I could brag on them and their lists would give you a little glimpse into their world.  They came from all over Texas and the US for that matter! Sassiness is universal! Over  the past two years of blogging,  Livin' Sassy has evolved into a little place on the internet to not … [Read more...]

Evolving into Sassy

The Livin’ Sassy Club hosted its very first meeting last week. In case you don’t know what that means, it is basically just an excuse to get out of the house so I won’t have to look at the laundry. I asked my friends to come and join me so they can ignore their laundry too.                       I thought it would be fun to gather at a local restaurant and throw in some fashion and jewelry. I know there are some women out there that don’t enjoy wine, clothes and costume jewelry but I haven’t met them … [Read more...]

Announcing the Livin’ Sassy Club

When all of my kids entered elementary school, I thought that I would have this huge amount of time on my hands. What I have since discovered, is that I have never been busier in my entire life.  My calendar is packed full, especially during the school year. There are no little boxes filled in that have my name on it. Well, unless you count the day that I reserve to do the laundry. It seems to be the same story with everyone I talk to with kids that are school age. I have come up with an idea to bring my friends and readers together. I am calling it the Livin’ Sassy Club. It’s like a Girl … [Read more...]

Love Yourself, Love One Another and Love Fashion Event

There is a brand new charity fashion event this weekend that looks to be fun and fabulous. It will bring together food,wine,manicures and fashion all under one roof and for one night! Oh, so Sassy! Local wardrobe stylist Jules Aldaz is bringing together a fashion show held at the Aveda Institute in the Pearl Brewery that includes clothing from the stores of Banana Republic,Langford Market and White House Black Market. You will also be able to receive complimentary manicures and hand massages provided by the Aveda Institute. For even more pampering, wine  tastings will also be held … [Read more...]

Sassy Summer Looks from Francesca’s

Summertime in South Texas means heat. The temperatures will rise quickly. Livin' Sassy wants to share with you the latest trends that will help you beat the heat and still look fabulous! Our Sassy Mom models for the month of May went to Francesca's at the Shops at LaCantera to pick out some clothes that would make them  feel comfortable and cool. They needed something  elegant enough to wear to some place like the Eilan Hotel. The models are pictured throughout the lobby of this brand new hotel. Francesca's  is a store that specializes in providing an eclectic mix of options to choose from … [Read more...]

The Fancy Camera is Back

The camera I bought back in January had to be sent back for repair. It came back today and the problem was the mirror. I hope it never happens again. I missed it so much. My other cameras are secondary to this one. It is a NIKON D5100. Oh, I am so glad to have it in my hands again! I had the camera with me when I went to pick up the clothes from Francesca's at LaCantera. My friends had picked out clothes for our photo shoot today. To bring you up to speed, a large part of Livin' Sassy is me taking a group of my friends and having them model the latest fashions. We pick out a store and then … [Read more...]

Sassy on the Street

Let's face it, girls dress for girls. Men don't really care to know that you got your cute new shirt at T J Maxx for 75 percent off! They don't understand that this is basically the women's modern version of hunting and gathering.  We must hunt and gather bargains. It is part of our DNA. I love a bargain. I also love telling total strangers how much I love their outfits. Since I now have a website, I thought it would be fun to ask total strangers if I could take their picture for Livin' Sassy! It takes a lot of work to look Sassy so I think everyone should be acknowledged every now and then … [Read more...]

Studio Joli is a Lovely Surprise

Jan 7th, 2014- Sassy Update: Joli Boutique has moved to the Alon Market. The address is 10003 NW Military Hwy. near the intersection of NW Military and Wurzbach. I peeked in the window and they seem to have the same sassy outfits! Studio Joli is a surprise. A treasure awaits you when you walk through their doors. I really can't take credit for discovering this wonderful little boutique. My husband came home and told me about it after he had been to the bakery located right next door. I was used to driving right past the shopping center since it had been empty for quite awhile. Not only do … [Read more...]

Sassy Dresses for $40 and under

I made a pit stop on my way back from a business luncheon in my quest for the perfect hat. I was cruising in the minivan all by myself and singing along to an Adele song at the top of my lungs (minivans are sexy, did you get the memo?) when I saw the Burlington Coat Factory sign. I thought to myself, “I haven’t been there in forever and they always have hats and I have a whole hour until I have to pick up the kids, yay!” Well, you have to go through the ladies apparel to get to the accessories department where the hats are located. Guess what?  I got distracted by all the pretty dresses.  … [Read more...]

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