In 2016: I didn't send out Christmas cards. I didn't lose weight or participate in another half marathon. I didn't organize my home office. I didn't sign up tons of new clients. I didn't blog more. I didn't stop procrastinating. And that's OK because: I did spend more time with family. I did learn to let the worry go. I did new things out of my comfort zone. I did work on being a better partner. I did pray a lot. My resolution for 2017 is much of the same. I want to be kinder and more patient. I want to be available to my family and friends. And … [Read more...]

Let’s Dust This Thing Off

Is this thing on? Hi y'all. It's me, Sassy. It's been awhile. Remember me?  I'm the one with the big hair! I took a break from blogging and most of social media over the summer. I wanted to spend some time in East Texas with family. And I did. It was wonderful. I couldn't remember the last time my sisters and I got together to hang out. Sure, we see each other at all our family gatherings but not just us girls. It makes such a difference when you don't feel the tug of kids and responsibilities. What crazy things did we get into? Well, we went estate sale shopping a … [Read more...]

Daddy and Daughters

Sometimes it is hard to believe that I ever had daughters. It took us so long to have another child after our boy. I never dreamt that it would be two at once. I will never forget the moment they told us that we were having two girls.  The men of the house chimed in with, "What are we going to do with two girls?" And now they don't know what they would do without them. I was looking through pictures and came across these that I took right before the twins left for their first "Daddy and Daughter Valentine Dance." It was a night of firsts. The first time they got dressed up … [Read more...]

How Lucky I Am

      Someone in California was sold the winning Powerball ticket. I can't even fathom how their life is going to change. We didn't even get one single number in the two tickets that we purchased. We had fun fantasizing about what we might do with the money.  My family wanted to travel with our potential  winnings. Hawaii was the first place on our list. They couldn't think of many material things that they would want to buy: I couldn't either. I only wanted to remodel the kitchen and add a room on to the back of the house. Maybe that's what you … [Read more...]

Swimming with Confidence

As a mom, I always worry about my kids and their safety. Besides making them aware of "stranger danger", the next thing on my list has been teaching them how to swim at a very early age. Lucky for us when we moved from the Dallas area to San Antonio, we chose a neighborhood with a swim team. Little did we know what a great choice it would be for our then 4 month old boy. As much as I was determined to teach him how to swim, he was determined to not learn! I tried private lessons over several summers and switching off with various family members in hopes that our head strong 4 year old … [Read more...]

A Summer Sunrise

We just unpacked the last piece of luggage from which will more than likely be our final trip of the summer. Tomorrow kicks off football practice for our oldest and basketball camp for one of the youngest. And can you believe that one of our daughters wants to shop for school supplies today?  She just can't hold off one more day! Most of our trips this summer revolved around family. This last trip was in my hometown of Kilgore,Texas. There was some playing of golf, catching up with friends and family, a lot of eating and even a little bit of fishing. Only one child likes to … [Read more...]

Double Digits

Ten. One and a Zero. Diez. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and now 10. It went that fast. I will never forget looking up at the monitor in the doctor's office and seeing not one, but two bright heartbeats. And then hearing the news that there would two girls. I wanted you to be just alike. I dressed you up in matching clothes for years and years. I wanted everyone to treat you the same. Silly me. You are both so marvelous in your own special way. And exactly as God meant you to be. I marvel in the love that you share so effortlessly with your brother. I know that … [Read more...]

All Aboard

I did something a few weeks ago that I have never done, no, I didn't clean my oven. Why in the world would I ever do such a thing? I rode an Amtrak train! Or make that, we rode an Amtrak train. As I was trying to find a way back from East Texas over spring break without a car, I found myself on the Amtrak website researching the route schedule. I had absolutely no clue what I was doing or  where I was supposed to catch the train or where it would drop us off in San Antonio. And then my daughter overheard my dilemma and insisted that she join me so it could be an … [Read more...]

The Sassiest Pumpkin Patches around SA

Don't you just love a pumpkin patch? Well, San Antonio has a big selection. I thought I would compile a list of my all time favorite pumpkins patches in and around San Antonio for my Livin' Sassy readers. After all, over the last fifteen years, I have been taking my kids all over town in search of that perfect picture and experience. I might as well do something useful with all the knowledge I have gained in travels around town with camera in hand. There are all kinds of pumpkin patches to choose from. My list will contain what I find to be the "sassiest," It basically means that they … [Read more...]

A Woman of Significance

                                Last year on September 5th, my day began like any other day. I struggled to get the kids out of bed because they were still adjusting to the start of a new school year. I raced my daughter Catherine into class just as the tardy bell rang. I met a colleague and friend for breakfast. I ran a few errands and then it was time to pick up the kids from school.   It was just another day. I would have even called it rather … [Read more...]

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