Goldilocks and the Three Gyms

  I have been trying to decide what gym to join. Again. Do y'all remember Bally's? That was the first gym I ever joined in Dallas back in the  late 80's and early 90's. It was the one on Greenville Avenue. It was back when J. R. Ewing and big hair was in style, you know the good 'ol days! Sigh. I mean I can totally commit to marriage for over 21 years but to commit to workout facility is asking a lot. I broke up with my last gym because it was too far. It was one of those fancy gyms with all the amenities and a cafe. We even had the twin's birthday party there a couple of … [Read more...]

How She Said No to Diabetes

When my friend Carrie Bond came to the Livin' Sassy event a few weeks ago, she left with something she never thought she would; a size 8 pair of skinny jeans. She brought them back to our table with tears in her eyes. I asked her why she was so emotional. She said she hadn't worn that size since junior high. At that moment, I knew I had to share her story with my readers. There are so many women that are just like Carrie. The minute they become a busy mother and even busier employee, their own personal health and wellness take a back seat to all of their other responsibilities. Her life in … [Read more...]

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