Date Night in the Hill Country

Date Night? What's that? I've got too much to do with the kids and all their activities......blah, blah, blah. Let me tell you a little secret. If you don't carve out a little space for each other, you will regret it. And you will be in a better frame of mind and less stressed out! Marriage is hard. You must get away every now and then. Do you really want to wake up one day after the last kid is going off to college and realize you don't even know that person you married  anymore?  If not, you need to get to work and figure out a way to get together! I've been thinking about … [Read more...]

Picture Perfect Farmer’s Market

    There is just something about a farmer's market that makes my heart skip a beat.              It might be the fresh produce.    It could be the people you encounter that appreciate the unique taste of the produce by  purchasing directly from the farmers.      It could be meeting fellow dog … [Read more...]

Gardens by Moonlight

Feeling a little stressed and in need of a date night? Do you even remember those? As you start making your plans for this weekend, you might want to include this one. Gardens by Moonlight is one of the most stress-free and romantic events in San Antonio. And it just so happens to be coming up this Saturday evening. Can you picture sipping a glass of wine while strolling through the gorgeous grounds of the San Antonio Botanical Gardens? Can you smell the scrumptious food that will be available for purchase prepared by Central Market? Need even more relaxation? Now, add all that … [Read more...]

Balcones Heights Jazz Festival

I was out on a long overdue date night with the husband on Friday night. We finally went to see the movie Bernie which was playing at the Bijou at Crossroads Mall. It is actually now called Wonderland of the Americas but I still haven't made that name change in my head. The movie was hysterical. It could be because I grew up 40 miles from Carthage, Texas but so many of my friends that had never even heard of Carthage and a couple that had grown up in New York City (gasp) thought it was one of the best movies they had seen in a long time too! I even had to stay through the rolling credits … [Read more...]

Emergency Date Night

I was feeling overwhelmed with birthday parties and the kids school and sports activities. I called for an emergency date night on Saturday night.   I just wanted a casual meal with my man that wasn't rushed or one I didn't have to cook. I wanted to go somewhere and hold hands and pretend that we have absolutely no responsibilities whatsoever for at least a few hours.  I have never called it this before so the hubby (aka the Big Stud) was a little worried. He said, "What exactly makes it an emergency?"  I assured him that it didn't involve talking about his feelings. Of course with this … [Read more...]

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