Double Digits

Ten. One and a Zero. Diez. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and now 10. It went that fast. I will never forget looking up at the monitor in the doctor's office and seeing not one, but two bright heartbeats. And then hearing the news that there would two girls. I wanted you to be just alike. I dressed you up in matching clothes for years and years. I wanted everyone to treat you the same. Silly me. You are both so marvelous in your own special way. And exactly as God meant you to be. I marvel in the love that you share so effortlessly with your brother. I know that … [Read more...]

Say it Ain’t So Ashley

 Today, I had every intention of going out and blogging about chocolate. I had my camera all ready to go out and take pictures of deep, rich, creamy chocolate for a Valentine’s Day post. I have this new obsession with taking pictures of food. And I know my days are numbered when I can leisurely find a place and then blog about it all in one day. Sigh. I had a long list of appointments to make this morning to get better organized in anticipation of having a real job. Since I have been using a different part my brain, the creative one and not the financial one, I find myself more scattered … [Read more...]

Sassy’s Sister is Sixty

Today is a milestone for someone in my family. I usually don't use my blog for birthday wishes but this is a special one! Our oldest sibling turns sixty. 60. Six zero. The Big Six 0.  Sesenta in Spanish! Where did the time go?               I guess being the oldest of nine kids isn’t the easiest job in the world.                   We tagged along on too many dates to count and embarrassed her at her teenage job at the Dairy Queen on a daily … [Read more...]

You Say It’s Your Birthday. Well, it’s My Birthday Too!

Today is Paul McCartney’s 70th birthday. Doesn’t he look good? Well, it’s my birthday too. I’m not quite 70. My sister Janie, our family Beatle maniac, thought it was so cool that I shared the same birthday as her most favorite Beatle. We are just alike.  I have big hair. He used to have big hair. He grew up in England. I grew up in East Texas. He has billions of dollars. I wish I had billions of dollars. We celebrated my birthday this weekend because my boy is away at basketball camp today. The kids picked out my cake and flowers. They wanted to put 47 candles on the cake and were about … [Read more...]

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