The Mercantile

I took a trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma a couple of weeks ago. I went with my boy to tour the campus of University of Tulsa.  It was on his final list of colleges to attend in the fall. I was looking forward to seeing Tulsa again.  It had probably been about twenty years since I'd been there. And this was going to be my son's first foray into the place with the scissor-tailed flycatcher as their state bird!  Even though he's a senior in high school, I can still teach him so important things like state birds! Anyway, not only did I want to check out the city and the campus, I wanted to … [Read more...]

A Yellow Rose

I’ve gotten to the point in life that I am having to attend a lot of funerals. It’s not exactly something that I look forward to but in some unexpected ways, they’ve become a place of comfort. My earliest memory of Chris Dukes was hearing her high heels tap down the long hallway that lead to my daddy’s office. As she turned the corner with her boys in tow, I saw her bright red hair and even brighter red lipstick. She was wearing a white, starched shirt, black pencil skirt and sling back black pumps. And as she stepped into the lobby area full of people waiting their turn to see the … [Read more...]

There’s a Reason It’s Called Comfort

When I was trying to decide where we could go for our 20th wedding anniversary getaway,  the only requirement was that it should be quiet and relaxing. With a very busy house of 3 kids, it's a luxury! In case you haven't been to this little part of the Hill Country in awhile, you will be in for a nice surprise. We found out very soon that Comfort is so much more than their 4th of July parades.    The GPS says that Comfort, Texas is exactly 37 miles from our driveway.  After staying two nights, it felt more like a million miles away! We booked a room at the Hotel Faust after seeing … [Read more...]

In Love with Garner State Park

Some places never quite live up to their hype and leave you disappointed.   We just spent the day at a place that not only lived up to the accolades from many friends, but had us clearing off our schedules for more visits in the near future. One day is not nearly enough to soak in the unforgettable Frio River. My family is undeniably in love with Garner State Park.       I thought that the Frio would be an experience much like tubing on the Guadalupe and Comal Rivers. I have  visited both of these rivers many times over the years but never with my … [Read more...]

Il Sogno-The Food is a Work of Art

We have some friends in town that are attending the Americans for the Arts annual conference. My husband first met them when he was chief economist for the City of San Antonio. They are all partners in the consulting firm that authored the Cultural Collaborative Plan for the city in 2005. Playing host to friends that are very well traveled with a high appreciation for wonderful food could seem like a daunting task. Not if you live in San Antonio and have an array restaurants from which to choose. Last night, we chose to take our friends to Il Sogno. Having dined there numerous times … [Read more...]

Must Sees while in Kilgore,Texas

This is a pump jack. You will see many of these in your travels in and around East Texas. They are used to pump oil out of the ground. The price of oil is sky high. There is a lot of pumping going on. You might think it is an eyesore. We think it is yard art. If you were smart enough to retain mineral rights then you call it a trust fund. My brothers are in the oil business. One of them gave me a dissertation on the pump jack over dinner the other night. I can recall him talking about rods, water, oil and pipes and it somehow got the oil to the gas pump. I was too busy pondering what … [Read more...]

La Gloria~Where the green sauce has kidnapped my will power

I have been going to La Gloria at the Pearl Brewery since it opened its doors and still cannot get enough. I blame it on the "green sauce"(see picture) It is perfection in a bowl with chips that you have to ask for because this is street food of Mexico where chips are not common. Be sure and ask and you will not regret it,maybe the calories but not the taste. I would try to duplicate it at home but then you would miss the experience of your fellow diners asking each other what they ordered and offering one another bites. Total strangers,locals,tourists who all come together to experience … [Read more...]

Papouli’s Review

My kids love food almost as much as the hubby and I do and we have both been on diets and watching what we eat while training for the Rock and Roll Half Marathon. (don't be that impressed because we are really,really slow) As a compromise we picked Papouli's Greek Grill for lunch. ( We ate at the Huebner location which is in a strip center and decorated simply/ The kids had the tilapia fish platter which they liked but they really loved the rice pilaf and greek salad that came with it and were begging for more so next time we will be sure to order the rice a la carte! The … [Read more...]

The Perfect Dress

I came across this dress the other day while I was out looking for shoes for my twins who seem to grow out of them on a weekly basis and I must say that it took my breath away! You cannot tell from this picture but it is so detailed on the bottom and looks so rich and luxurious in this plum color but also comes in black. A perfect stranger and I were standing at the sales rack lamenting about how good this dress would look with boots.  It is by Milano and I found it at Marshall's for 39.99 which is a steal for a dress that makes you do a double take and immediately bond with a total stranger! … [Read more...]

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