Enrollment for Camp Mommy Now Open

I am busy writing checks for the kids summer camps. How about we have a Camp Mommy? We can have wine and chocolate flow freely, hang out in our PJ's and watch old Lifetime movies. We can then  play the game, "Guess Who is Premenopausal" and talk about old boyfriends who have let themselves go! … [Read more...]

Fiesta 2012

Fiesta-The time of year when you are expected to wake up with confetti in your bed! VIVA FIESTA!  … [Read more...]

My Workout Mantra!

Peace,Love and a Really Good Sports Bra all make for an Excellent Workout! … [Read more...]

Refrigerator Purge

Sunday Night Refrigerator Game-Guess what the leftovers used to be in the various containers. Sounds gross but it is guaranteed to make your teenage boy think you are so cool! Feel free to find your own creative ways to bond with someone that is basically embarrassed that he even has a mother! Oh my, how I love that boy! … [Read more...]

Gym Uniform Shuffle

Just so you know...Febreze DOES NOT mask the smell of an unwashed gym uniform found wadded up in a backpack and taken to school anyway because the boy didn't want to run laps because he didn't have the right uniform...and the smell of your boy after you pick him up from school in the aforementioned gym uniform is something unknown to any human gone before or after me since the beginning of time. … [Read more...]

More Costco Love

English Topic for the Day: positive, comparative and superlative adjectives. An example used in sentences:  Shopping at Costco makes me happy. (positive) Shopping at Costco makes me happier without my children. (comparative) Shopping at Costco makes me happiest while sipping a berry smoothie without my children and finding an awesome shirt for $9.99. (superlative) … [Read more...]

Lovely Lavender Moon Dough

Your Veterinary Tip of the Day: Moon Dough which is much like Play Dough can safely be digested by a six pound Maltese with slight anger issues and retain its brightly colored hue as it leaves the dog's digestive system..in other words..Sofie pooped purple on her walk tonight and it was rather pretty! … [Read more...]

Happily Ever After

We took the 6 yr olds to see Disney on Ice this afternoon. At the end of the performance they declared, "and they all lived happily ever after. " I chimed in, "only after all the princesses graduated from college, found a great job and established a sizable savings account! "  Which quickly prompted, "Huh? What does sizable mean Mommy?" … [Read more...]

Cooking 101

Last night I successfully chopped garlic while wearing bangle bracelets......Tonight, I may attempt boiling an egg while wearing high heels! … [Read more...]

My Definition of Risk Taker

I am choosing to wear white shoes well before Easter. Ya'll are just going to have to deal with it! … [Read more...]

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