Redneck Happy Hour

I had the perfect Redneck Happy Hour going at the grocery store this afternoon until my 7 year old blurted out, "Mom, why do you keep driving by over and over and getting all those little wine samples?!" … [Read more...]

Birthday Cake

Do calories count if you are eating leftover birthday cake right out of the box while standing by the sink and using a plastic pink fork? Just wondering in case I might decide to do just that........ … [Read more...]

New Library Wing?

I am about to take the walk of shame. I am returning our library books. I try to avoid making eye contact because those librarians can be so darn judgmental! … [Read more...]

Quote of the Day

Whatever you can do or dream you can; begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. -Goethe … [Read more...]

Happy Memorial Day

To all the Veterans past,present and future and especially to those families who lost their loved ones while serving our country. God Bless You All. … [Read more...]

Bake the Cookies?

Every now and then you just have to eat a little cookie dough to give your life balance. … [Read more...]

Waxing Pandora

Singing at the top of my lungs,"YOU MAKE ME FEEL LIKE A NATURAL WOMAN"........I love the Bonnie Raitt station on Pandora....which bodes the question.....What exactly does an unnatural woman feel like? Don't think I want to know! Have a very sassy weekend! Love ya'll. … [Read more...]

Bathing Suit Shopping

I am going bathing suit shopping today. I may be in need of some serious medication by the time I'm done. … [Read more...]

Morning Walk

I rather love a brisk morning walk.....I just wish it didn't involve the dog, my bath robe and the neighbors at the end of the street who now know me more than they ever really wanted to! &%#@& DOG! … [Read more...]

Spin at your own Risk

All Twister games should come with the following: WARNING: Parents over 40 should participate with caution or they may end up at the Med Clinic after a spin of "Left Foot Yellow"on Family Fun Friday night...OUCH! … [Read more...]

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