Why ALS Research Matters

I've probably seen hundreds of ALS Ice Bucket Challenges show up on my various social media feeds by now. I've only actually clicked on just a handful. It's not because I don't care. I think the #IceBucketChallenge may go down in history as the most successful social media campaigns ever. It is certainly a novel idea. It's very easy to be a participant and make your own video to share with your friends and followers.  After all, it's all  in the name of charity!       While I can't speak for my entire family, I can safely say that my immediate family … [Read more...]

Flowers in Abundance

I've been walking by this single white rose since Friday. I brought it home from a funeral I attended and put it in a little vase. The husband asked the congregation to take some flowers with them as they exited the church. There were way too many for him and his family to take home. His wife had many friends. And each time I pass by and catch a glimpse of these now browning petals, I feel such a pain in my heart from the loss of someone so special. I pray that her boys will be alright. She taught me so much about being an advocate for my daughter. I don't think I ever … [Read more...]

When Did You Stop Dancing?

I went to a wedding this past weekend. It was held in the Dallas area where I lived for over twelve years. I made lots of friendships over that amount of time. It started out as a family trip. We booked a hotel room in Frisco that had an indoor pool. And two of our kids ended up getting a virus and stayed behind with my husband. It was just me and one of my 8 year old twin daughters, Savannah. She couldn't believe that it was going to be the two of us. It is pretty rare to spend so much time with one child when you have three children. The weather forecast called for heavy … [Read more...]

Change and Adaptability

Change. Adaptability. These are two words that I have been using quite a bit lately, not only in my personal life but my professional life as well. If you live long enough, you realize how well you accept change can make a difference in your overall attitude. One of my friends has been on my mind because she has been going through tremendous change in her life, but she is more than used to adapting to change. I first met MaryAnn Arbogast when I was on a sales call in Dallas.  She was a potential client and I was hoping to see if her company would consider changing their list of … [Read more...]

A Woman of Significance

                                Last year on September 5th, my day began like any other day. I struggled to get the kids out of bed because they were still adjusting to the start of a new school year. I raced my daughter Catherine into class just as the tardy bell rang. I met a colleague and friend for breakfast. I ran a few errands and then it was time to pick up the kids from school.   It was just another day. I would have even called it rather … [Read more...]

My Boy

Ever since I went through all the  pictures for my son's 8th grade graduation ceremony, I've been filled with such melancholy. I will never forget when I took my son out in public by myself for the very first time. He was about two weeks old and I ventured out to the mall. I took him to the bathroom in Dillard's because I knew that they had those big chairs in the seating area. I thought it would be comfy and quiet in case I needed to feed him. Do you remember being a first time mom and everything had to perfect, structured and carefully planned? Yeah, those days are so long gone. … [Read more...]

Because Every Day Should Be Valentine’s Day #3

This is our last edition of Because Every Day Should be Valentine's Day.  In this series of posts, I reached out to 3 of my friends that I know to have pretty happy marriages. I sent them a list of questions to answer without either spouse seeing each other's answers. I have featured a couple for the last 2 Sundays in a row. I keep being amazed  after reading their answers at  how every couple is different but they all seem to have a couple of things in common; respect and admiration for one another. These marriages have stood the test of time. The longer they are married, the more they fall … [Read more...]

Running More than a Race

When I first met Jonnie Wheeler at a San Antonio Mother of Multiples meeting, she seemed to have it all; a handsome military doctor husband, a beautiful nine-year old daughter and precious triplets. Even with having very young babies at home, she looked as if she had just stepped out of the pages of a fashion magazine. And to top it all off, she was so warm, friendly and humble about her obvious outward beauty. I had no idea that her seemingly  perfect life would soon take a serious change for the worse. One of Jonnie's friends had informed her of something that she had witnessed. She … [Read more...]

This Golden Ring

Over a year ago, I lost my  wedding ring. It was about the same time that we brought a new puppy home. I had the strange suspicion that Sofie had carried off the ring in her mouth and took it in the back yard. I had put the ring down on an end table to put some hand lotion on. The next thing I knew, it was gone. The back door  was wide open with the kids playing with the new puppy. Although it is insured, I haven’t gotten around to replacing it. I guess in my mind, I had hopes that it would eventually be found. Besides, there were far too many important things to spend our money on; like … [Read more...]

Eternally Grateful for Sisterhood

 “Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion.” –Truvy, Steel Magnolias "Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together." -Elizabeth Taylor One of my all time favorite movies is Steel Magnolias. I have probably seen it about 100 times. I remember being anxious for the premier in 1989. It was filmed on location in Natchitoches, LA, which is only 140 miles from my hometown. I wanted to see if I would recognize any of the landmarks around town; not knowing that it would be the characters that I would recognize more than anything else. It is based upon a true … [Read more...]

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