Rebecca Rather’s Pink Pig

Sassy Update:The Pink Pig Closed in August 2013 according to some of my readers. It also states this on their Facebook page. We hope Rebecca ends up somewhere else SOON!  I need a chicken salad sandwich fix!    When I first heard that Rebecca Rather was no longer at Rather Sweet Bakery, I thought the world would stop spinning on its axis. Her restaurant was my very favorite place to eat in the world.  My family would plan our trips on when it would be open to assure that we could eat there. Her chicken salad sandwiches were served on such heavenly bread that it would bring tears … [Read more...]

Here We Go to Trader Joe’s

Well by now, you've probably heard that Trader Joe's opened this weekend. In case you've been under a rock, this speciality grocery store is so popular that some of my friends wept with joy when they heard that San Antonio would be one of the first cities in Texas to have their very own store. Can y'all believe we got a Trader Joe's before Austin? Now, who is hip now?   The big Stud and I went on Sunday to check out exactly what all the fuss is about. We went by ourselves so we considered it a date. Anywhere we go without our children present and we can have a fully … [Read more...]

The Food Network in Downtown Kilgore

Did y’all hear that the Food Network’s Restaurant Impossible will be filming in my hometown of Kilgore this week? The town of 12,000 is all abuzz! There hasn’t been this must excitement since…..well, I don’t know when there has been this much excitement! Hair appointments are being made and everyone is getting all gussied up for their possible appearance on national TV!             I thought I would post some pictures of the things that the big city folks will be seeing while they are working on redoing the restaurant.  This is a … [Read more...]

The Jingu House Restaurant

My family has lived in San Antonio long enough to recall a time that the Japanese Tea Gardens were in disrepair and not open to the public. It had been such an historic landmark since opening in 1915. It seemed odd to not be able to visit while you were near the San Antonio Zoo or Brackenridge Park. When it did finally reopen in 2008, I made a vow to myself that I would try and visit this scenic and unique tourist attraction at least once a year.           So far, I have gone with my family to have their photographs taken among the huge waterfall, … [Read more...]

Yaghi’s New York Pizzeria

Friday nights are  “family fun nights” at our house. We let the kids pick where we order pizza and the movie we watch on Netflix. Lately, we have been taking the pizza to the pool. They usually pick places like Papa John’s, Papa Murphy’s or Pizza Hut. Every now and then my husband and I use our veto power as parents to pick the place when we have grown tired of the aforementioned chain pizza places! Last night was one of those nights. We wanted to try a new place that had recently opened up in an HEB shopping center near our house. They claim to be a “New York Pizzeria” which is pretty rare … [Read more...]

Staycation Day 2 in Blanco,Texas

Day 2 of Operation Staycation found us in the Hill Country town of Blanco. It is just a short 50 mile drive from San Antonio but seems like a world away. I would often visit Blanco on business when I had clients there and loved the slow pace and laid back attitude of all the people that I interacted with. Seeing the swimmers at Blanco State Park from my view off of Highway 281 over the years, made me want to take my kids to explore the beautiful scenery. My family finally made the visit on Sunday. I am now regretting why we haven't taken them before now.  It was indeed a wonderful day … [Read more...]

Bakery Lorraine has Perfected the Pastry

We finally made it out to the Quarry Farmers Market. We have been going to the Pearl Farmers Market which is held on Saturday since it opened but this was our very first time at the Sunday Quarry Market. We were anxious to try some baked goods that we had been hearing so much about that can only be found once a week at the market. My husband was so inspired by the pastries that he wanted to blog about them.   The following post is by the big Stud aka the hubby and the baker in our house. I just took the pictures and enjoyed our morning pastries! I'm kind of sassy like … [Read more...]

Buc-ee’s- A Pit Stop Like No Other

We finally stopped at the new Buc-cee's. If you aren't from Texas, then I can best describe it as the world's biggest convenience store and gas station. It has amassed a huge following by offering clean restrooms,snacks of all sorts and the cheapest gas per gallon; day in and day out. They also are brilliant at marketing by offering cheap prices on T-shirts with their Beaver mascot featured prominently. If you travel with teenagers of any age, then you know that you have to take their picture with their Buc-ee's shirt throughout their travels, kind of like Flat Stanley but way cooler!  Who … [Read more...]

Hoover’s Cooking

I bet you think this is a food blog since I have been posting about food places so much. Well, we eat out a lot in the summer. We have a ton of out of town visitors since we live in such a tourist destination plus it is really hard to turn on the oven when it's 100 degrees from June until the end of August! And there is the little fact that I hate to cook. I mean, I really hate to cook. We drove to Austin on Sunday to drop our boy off at UT basketball camp. I probably took 100 pictures of him to record the moment of his checking in at his first overnight camp. He was so embarrassed. I … [Read more...]

Il Sogno-The Food is a Work of Art

We have some friends in town that are attending the Americans for the Arts annual conference. My husband first met them when he was chief economist for the City of San Antonio. They are all partners in the consulting firm that authored the Cultural Collaborative Plan for the city in 2005. Playing host to friends that are very well traveled with a high appreciation for wonderful food could seem like a daunting task. Not if you live in San Antonio and have an array restaurants from which to choose. Last night, we chose to take our friends to Il Sogno. Having dined there numerous times … [Read more...]

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