Magnolia Market Silos and Food Trucks


Magnolia Market In case you haven’t heard, Chip and Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper fame are kinda popular!

And if you need proof of  how popular, just count the number of out of state license plates there are on the cars parked outside of Magnolia Market in downtown Waco. It was a lot! You might need one of those clickers to count them all like they use at Costco to count their customers!

Yes, my friends, Waco is a certified tourist destination!

I made a quick trip on Friday on my way to East Texas. I’ve been used to stopping on this part of the interstate in travels to Kilgore for the seventeen years that we’ve lived in San Antonio. We usually stop at Subway to grab something to eat, gas up and walk the dogs a little bit.

Magnolia Market at the Silos might have just changed up that routine!

This place is overwhelming on so many levels. From the actual shop where you purchase home decor items on the show, to the huge, make that HUGE picnic and play area in the back by the food trucks; you will have plenty of reasons to stop in for a visit.

Let me warn you that the retail part of the store is crowded, make that CROWDED! It was hard to look at the items because I kept elbowing people. And this is from the person that survived the closing sale of Sanger Harris in downtown Dallas! You know, the one that broke the escalators!

I was a fearless shopper.

In this day and age, I’m not nearly as patient. When you know you can go back to your quiet car and order something online that you saw on the shelves but couldn’t actually get to, makes it much easier to not to be upset about the crowds. It’s just fun to look around and see all the people with smiling faces. Even the men were happy to be there. Usually when you drag the husband to a home decor store you get a lot of complaining! Or is that just the big Stud? His eyes start to glaze over in a matter of seconds and he breaks out in hives when he gets near Kirkland’s, Home Goods or Tuesday Morning.

I am sure it’s because Chip and Joanna and the Fixer Upper show make people happy! I don’t think I noticed anyone upset by the crowds.

I wish that I had known that there were food trucks on the premises. There are more choices available than our regular food truck park in SA.  There was even two different coffee places!  I have yet to have a bad meal from a food truck!

It’s also nice to know that there is such a big grassy play area with plenty of outdoor equipment for kids to use. There were kick balls, volleyballs, bean bags and so much more. I didn’t see a wait for picnic tables or long lines for food or the “facilities!” (which I might add had some lovely white subway tile!)

I guess I’ll stop gushing now about Magnolia Market at the Silos.

You’ll have to go and experience it for yourself. Be sure and check the times on their website for the hours they are open, it varies and they are closed on Sundays.

SASSY TIP: The checkout lines in the back downstairs area are much shorter! Don’t eat before you come because there’s food trucks.

Enjoy the thousands of pictures I took to share with my sweet readers! You are going to have to scroll down a lot, maybe even hydrate while you are doing it! I couldn’t help myself!

Stay Sassy Y’all. 

Magnolia Market Silos

I love that they didn’t paint the silos.



Magnolia Market Silos

Those famous letters!

Magnolia Market Silos

The retail store is in the building to the right.

Magnolia Market

There is some serious home decor shopping going on in here!

Magnolia Market

The coffee mugs were my favorite.

Magnolia Market

Lots of spring flowers.

Magnolia Market

The elevator just goes to the office space.

Chip Gaines Corner in Magnolia Market

This is Chip’s corner. He gets a little space just like most men!

Magnolia Market Silos


Crowds at Magnolia Market

Sassy Tip: The back room downstairs check out area is faster! You are welcome!

Magnolia Farms

Some of the items are a little too rustic for my decor.

Magnolia Market

The lines in the front part of the store. I was told that it wasn’t even that crowded!

Magnolia Market

The employees are in the blue t shirts. They were so sweet!

Magnolia Market Silo

We are headed outside now!

Magnolia Market

The garden area

Magnolia Market

If only I could grow things like this!

Magnolia Market Garden

These garden boxes, swoon!

Magnolia Market Silos

Can you believe the massive play area?!

Magnolia Market Silo

Bean bag toss for the win!

Magnolia Market Silos

This is how close you are to the main retail area. The black iron fence in the steps down from the store.

Magnolia Market Silos

This is the view from the coffee food trucks. Yes, you can still be able to keep an eye on your kids!

Magnolia Market

I didn’t get the story on the red jeep. I guess i’ll have to go back!

Magnolia Market Picnic

Plenty of picnic tables.

Magnolia Silos

That’s all folks! (view of the silos from the street)

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  1. Laura,
    This was so much fun to read. They should make you their publicist.

  2. So fun!!! I love Fixer Upper <3

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