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The other day as I was quickly scrolling through Facebook, I came across a post by a friend who grew up in my hometown of Kilgore, Texas. She had posted a poem that she had written. She prefaced it, “I don’t write often much less do I share when I do write. I wrote this tonight and am just putting it out there.”

We have been FB friends long enough for me to know that this was very out of character for her. She always seemed so shy in high school. I had a feeling that this might have been her moment to take a chance and be brave. There is such a feeling of vulnerability when you do something that you have never done before and to be judged or graded by the responses you receive in return. It is terrifying for most people.

I was so thrilled as I read it. I knew that she had finally let go of something that had been holding her back.  And soon all of her friends were making comments of encouragement on her poem. I reached out to her to ask her if she minded that I publish it on my blog. I felt like a proud big sister that wanted to show her off.

And so, I would like to introduce you to Denise Rusley. A proud single mother of two teenagers. When she isn’t taking care of patients as a nurse which she has done for over 21 years, she listens to music, reads and writes poetry; darn good poetry!


Peace I seek; though peace I never find.
Countless thoughts, swirling in my mind.

Longing for something for far too long;
One day realizing you’ve squandered your time.

Waking up to the fact you no longer want that dream
you grasped so tight.
Questioning with all your might.

For knowing what you have is far more than you planned.

Being thankful for what is…
Letting go of what will never be..

Seeking your own peace.
Creating a new dream.
And believing in the unseen.

Peace I seek.
Though peace, I hope to find.

Having faith in One greater than me.
Faith and trust in that unseen.

A heart that’s been broken and cold.
A shielded cage around it’s hold.

Slowly the chains are coming down.
A feeling beating heart to be found.

Peace I seek and peace I have found.

by Denise Rusley

Advice by Denise RusleyI  also asked her to tell her fellow Sassy friends what piece of advice she would give to her daughter when she turns twenty. (see picture)

I think those are some very wise words.

I can’t wait to see what she posts next.

Stay Sassy Y’all. 

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