A Little Sassy Update

My momma and 8 of her 9 kids. I'm the baby. My little sis wasn't born yet!

My momma and 8 of her 9 kids. I’m the baby.

I wanted to give y’all a little update about what’s been going on in my personal life. It seems like I’ve been blogging here and there and not really letting my readers know what I’ve been up to lately.

No one really prepares you for the grief you feel when you lose your momma.  It’s gut wrenching, lonely, and no one really wants to talk about it that much. At first, I wanted to gloss it over like everything was just fine; always the pollyanna.  It didn’t help much. You can’t run away from grief, trust me, Lord knows I tried. You have to take it like a big girl.

And one day, if you are lucky, that awful feeling of dullness stops. You notice things in a little brighter shade of color than you did before.  It seems to be all in God’s divine plan.

Life. Love. Grief. Joy.

Grief is hard but it is necessary.

Now that I am finally feeling like myself again, I’m going to blog more. I love writing. It gives me a rush. It’s like the euphoria I feel  when I find something on sale at Home Goods or Tuesday Morning, even better!

I’ve already started doing some freelance writing and have clients in various industries. I will keep that separate from Livin’ Sassy but you might see some cool pictures I take when I am out and about because I love taking pictures of new places.

I started this blog because my friend’s talked me into it, I even took a poll on FB to come up with the name!  They saw something in me that I never knew I had and then I resisted  because I thought I would never have enough content that people would find interesting. Plus, it’s just seemed weird for me talk about myself so much. I find other people much more interesting.

And then I lost my sister to big, fat, stupid breast cancer. I finally sat down designed and launched the blog with a sense of urgency to have it up in time for her birthday. Her boldness for life and getting things done makes her the original  Sassy.

I reached out to my girlfriend’s to showcase them and off it we went.  It made me happy to show them how important they are because they are all survivors. Most women our age have gone through either divorce, death, job loss, parenting challenges and all while we are supposed to perfect, or pretend to be.

Well, Livin’ Sassy is the space to gather to laugh at all the imperfections in life and embrace them. I am going back to spotlighting my girlfriends to share their stories. There are plenty of spaces on the internet to see images of perfection. Sassy means celebrating life because you are not perfect.   Who the hell wants to be perfect anyway? That’s rather boring.

These last few years have been hard. I have gotten through them with faith and the love of my husband, sisters and girlfriends.

I am more than anxious to get back to blogging the stories that will make you feel less alone. This stage of life when we are raising kids while taking care of our parents can be so isolating. I want to acknowledge that it’s all hard but we can still find the humor in it.

If you are in the midst of the storm that is grief, please know that it is necessary.

You will see the light again.

And not only is it beautiful; it is bright and vivid and glorious.

Stay Sassy Y’all. 



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  1. Martha Zuehlke says:

    What a great idea to start a blog and I’m so happy you did! Now I can feel connected instead of just hitting the “like” button on FB. I’m going on 5 years from the day I became a single women. It wasn’t what I wanted but you know how God is … immediately when you think “this is good” he says “well ….not exactly what “I” had planned for you” and off I went on another change in my life. As if moving every 3-4years wasn’t enough. I moved to Michigan and guess what? Yup, his plan was the perfect plan for me. My daughter grew up in one place with friends she didn’t have to trade every few years and we became part of a community. I got a great job, went back to school and found love again. Who knew….yes yes yes the big man upstairs did. I will be forever grateful for the vision of my life he had b/c it was better than the one I imagined for myself. Not sure if I was supposed to talk about myself so much but just felt like it! So there it is! Thanks for letting me in your life Laura, you were always a good friend.

  2. Jane Lane says:

    It is such a wonderful part of my life to have you in it. You have made it possible to share the good, the painful, and so many other of life’s forks in the road. You have made so many difficult times easier to handle. Thank you, sassy sister.

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