Malinalli Bakery and Bistro

Tea and Watermelon Cucumber Aqua Fresco

Tea and Watermelon Cucumber Aqua Fresco

Malinalli Bakery and Bistro  has been on my list of places to try ever since a friend recommended it to me back in the spring.  When my husband texted me the other day to meet him for lunch, I told him that this might be the perfect spot for our little rendezvous. After 21 years of marriage, a surprise hour alone together is always welcome and necessary to keep that spark alive!

The restaurant is located at the corner of NW Military and West Ave. in Castle Hills. It’s in the shopping center across the street from Castle Hills Baptist Church.

The atmosphere is casual,warm and inviting with a small amount of tables and includes placing your order at the counter. It was obvious to us that we were in for a treat when a large group of  “ladies who lunch” were meeting there. They were going on and on about the different items they have tried and how much they were looking forward to having them once more.

The menu is a blend of French and Mexican items, some that we have never even heard of before so we had a long list of questions. The owners couldn’t have been more friendly and welcoming in explaining some of the more unusual items, such as the canele. (pictured below)

When our entrees were brought out, it was obvious that the attentiveness at the counter continues in the kitchen.

Salad with figs and prosciutto

Salad with figs and prosciutto

My salad included figs, prosciutto and fresh greens. The house made vinaigrette was the perfect compliment for all these items coming together.


The Mushroom Torta

The Mushroom Torta

The torta had a black bean compote spread that added to the richness of flavors of the mushroom. The bread had the perfect amount of crunch and freshness as you bit into the sandwich.


Our First Canele' Experience

Our First Canele’ Experience

And as for the indulgent end to our date, we sampled the canele’. It is a small french pastry that is filled with a rich custard and caramelized on the outside. Despite the picture, it is pretty tiny in size but bursts with a very rich flavor. The contrast between the dark sugar on the outside custard on the inside is so good and could be very addictive!

Almond Croissant

Almond Croissant

We also couldn’t resist trying the almond croissant. It was baked to perfection with a filing that wasn’t too sweet or heavy and every bite seemed a little different depending on whether it included an almond or some of the sinful filing.

Not only was the lunch date with my husband a total surprise, so was this little bistro hidden in the big shopping center in Castle Hills. The atmosphere is warm and inviting. The food and service are impeccable. It is a restaurant that makes you want to come back because you feel so welcome.

I might just have to text someone and tell them to meet me at Malinalli’s.

This time, I’ll ask them how to pronounce it!


Stay Sassy Y’all.



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  1. How neat! That’s right by us so we’ll definitely have to try it. Are they open for lunch only or dinner too? Do they have a kids’ menu?

    • I think they are only open for brunch and lunch. I didn’t see a kid’s menu but my kids are adventurous and love salad. They have all kinds of baked goods too that they can try. I wish they had more tables. They do have some tables outside for more space which will be good in the cooler weather! I’m ready to sit outside and eat in the lower temps! You will love this place! It is so yummy and inviting!

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