Tacos and Tequilas. Not Just a Bar

This was neat.

This was neat.

I have a guest post today.

It is written by my daughter Savannah.

We ate at Tacos and Tequilas after our visit to the San Antonio Museum of Art’s monthly family fun day. She is quite the budding artist. We stopped for a very late lunch at a restaurant right up the street from the museum. It’s never been on our radar because it sounded too much like just a bar. And those days are long gone! Anyway, when I pulled up their menu on my phone, it listed a salad as an option. Well, who knew? We decided to give it try.

My daddy loved the sweet potato chips dipped in the mayo the most.

My daddy loved the sweet potato chips dipped in the mayo the most.

The following is her take and photos on our experience. I guess I’ll call her a little bit Sassy!

Where do I start?

They give you sweet potato chips and regular chips in a bag. The chips came with three magnificent salsas: roasted, chipotle mayo, and avocado. The guacamole had a twist, which was the oregano. They made it right in front of us where we could encounter the steps of making flavorful guacamole.

My chicken skewer came with some queso. Yum.

My chicken skewer came with some queso. Yum.

Next came the main course. I had a chicken skewer with a ginormous hunk of chicken. It came with a little cup of queso. The chicken was grilled to perfection and with the queso it was simply wonderful.

My mom's salad had all kinds of stuff in it.

My mom’s salad had all kinds of stuff in it.

My mom had a salad.  It had a corn-crusted chicken on it. She let me try it. The dressing was the perfect texture and had just the right amount of sweetness and tartness. The salad was so fresh and the corn-crusted chicken had just the right amount of crunch and it was also juicy.

My dad's burrito reminded me of Chipotle's.

My dad’s burrito reminded me of Chipotle’s.

My dad’s dish was off the vegetarian section of their menu that is called southern vegetables. He’s been on a diet.  He decided on a veggie burrito. I know what you all must be wondering. Was the burrito as big as Chipotle’s? I believe it was slightly smaller. It came with rice, squash, mushrooms, carrots, asparagus, and last but not least,  tomato. Well, I guess it did come with one fruit, the tomato!  It came with a jalapeño relish that gave a little kick to it. He let me try it too. Maybe they should call it a spicy, veggie and fruit burrito!

Our drinks had fresh mint and basil in them.  My mom said they were Shirley Temples, whatever that means!

Our drinks had fresh mint and basil in them. My mom said they were Shirley Temples, whatever that means!

It’s a good place to go if you get to spend some special time with your mom and dad at a museum.

My mom said that she might take the whole family when we go to another museum that is nearby too, the DoSeum! 

Museums and queso.

I am having a good summer so far. I hope you are too.



We asked for more cilantro in our table side guacamole. It had oregano too!

Guacamole made table side. 

Stay Sassy Y’all

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  1. Angie Ritenour says:


    I love your post about eating at Tacos and Tequila. You are a talented writer and I hope you write more. The way you described your meal made me hungry!

  2. Barbara says:

    This was a beautifully written review. Now I’m hungry. Thank you for your good advice! I can’t wait to try it!

  3. Jane Lane says:

    Everything sounds delicious. What wonderful job you did describing. Loved the part about the tomato being a fruit. Cannot wait to hear the next blog you write.

  4. Savannah, you are quite the food blogger! I love your descriptions of the food you tried and now I can’t wait to try Tacos and Tequila too. Thanks!

  5. Angie Reed says:

    Savannah, it sounds like your summer is off to a GREAT start! What fun you must have had going to the museum with your parents, and as if THAT weren’t enough, Tacos and Tequilas was the icing on the cake! I really loved reading your review; it made me want to jump in the car and head to San Antonio so I could try some of their yummy dishes! :) You really are quite talented at writing….(wonder where you might get THAT from?!) I am anxious to read more reviews written by you in the future….in the meantime, stay sassy, Savannah! 😉

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