The DoSeum is Here


Does your child ever come running in the house from outside and is so excited to tell you something that they can’t get the words out fast enough?   You then have to tell them to slow down so you can understand what they are trying to say.

Well, that’s how I felt when I was touring the DoSeum with my fellow San Antonio bloggers this afternoon.  The newest family destination in town is not only educational for the kids, it’s fun for the moms too.  When I called my husband and girlfriend on my way back to the office, I was struggling to come up with the best description of the exhibits. I think I finally told my friend Karen, “Darling, we’ll just plan on a day real soon to bring all the kids. They are going to love it, YOU are going to love it!”

Most of the exhibits focus on STEM, engineering, math, arts and literacy. It is meant to inspire curiosity and creativity through the form of play for children from birth to age 10. I honestly think that children of all ages will find something that they can explore. From the spy room, water works, and stairs to the 2nd floor that are actually a piano, the museum is for all ages.

San Antonio’s Museum for Kids, the DoSeum, is almost ready to open their doors for the very first time in their new location at 2800 Broadway.  After five years of planning and almost two years of building, the grand opening weekend is set for June 6th and June 7th. If you want to become a charter member, you need to enroll by May 31, 2015. There are too many benefits to list for becoming a member, so please go to the DoSeum’s  website for details.  Summer camps have already started their enrollment and many are at capacity.

Be sure and purchase your grand opening weekend tickets on the website as well to assure that you will be able to gain entry. With all the excitement surrounding this very special place, there is sure to be a crowd.

And as for excitement, I got a little carried away taking pictures. I hope you don’t mind. There is just so much to do and see at the DoSeum! 


Stay Sassy Y’all. 

Lighting the DoSeum

The lighting is so beautiful that you just can’t help but look up.

Power Ball Area The DoSeum

The power balls are back from the former downtown location.

HEB Carts Children's Museum

These are in the toddler area in the grocery store. I want to be a toddler!

CPS Power Play Area the DoSeum

Solar panels play a part in this station and they are also in use to power 20 percent of the building.

The Spy Area The DoSeum

One of my favorite areas is the Spy Room

Reading Area The DoSeum

The colors in this room are a feast for the eyes.

Infant Toddler Area The DoSeum

The toddler area helps keep kids somewhat contained.

The DoSeum

There was so much to explore in the Imagination Station.

The DoSeum

This fixture is even better in person!

The DoSeum

Can this be more calming?

Baggage Scanner the DoSeum

The airplane is back with a luggage scanner.

Outdoor Waterworks

There are waterworks outside.

Spy Area The DoSeum

More spy rooms.

The Big Fan DoSeum

Big Hair. Big Wind.

Lighting the DoSeum

There are beautiful things everywhere.

Lighting the DoSeum

You can’t help but feel like a kid.

Lighting The DoSeum

The largest room available for rent. Again, the lighting is spectacular.

Banquet Area The DoSEum

The room seats 200.

Piano Stairs the DoSeum

I squealed when I first went up the “piano stairs1”

The DoSeum

Fun on a big scale!

The DoSeum Trolley

Things would not be complete without the trolley!

Outdoor Play Area The DoSeum

Plenty of outdoor play areas.


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  1. I love your photos! The DoSeum is a dream come true for San Antonio. :)

    • Thank you Colleen! It’s easy to take great pics of this gorgeous museum! Our family cannot wait! And it’s finally here just in time for summer!

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