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I often hesitate to use the word “inspiring” as a description of an event.

People are inspired by so many different things.

Yesterday, at Women in the World Texas, it was very apparent that the entire sold out audience was inspired by what took place in six hours at the Charline McCombs Empire Theatre.

One by one they spoke.  

There was no big production stage; only words, powerful words. 

They came from all walks of life and various backgrounds. 

No politics.

No hidden agendas.

Only words. 

Even at the end of the event, very few wanted to leave. We talked to total strangers about what had moved us most.

For me, it was Robi Damelin. She is an International Spokesperson for the Parents Circle. She lost her son David in March 2002 to a Palestinian sniper. In being confronted at one of her speeches by an angry mom over the loss of her son in the ongoing conflict,  Robi asked her, “What color were your tears?”

That simple sentence will always resonate with me.

Aren’t all of our tears the same?

Her message of reconciliation rather than revenge is offering a glimmer of hope of peace in the Middle East.

And Betty Easley who is a Foundation Fellow for the Elizabeth Dole Foundation. She is a mother of six with 2 sets of twins. Her and her retired U. S. Army husband struggled for years before getting his diagnosis of PTSD. Her words were so honest and moving. It brought to the forefront all the sacrifices that our military and their families endure on a daily basis.

When I got back into the car to inform my husband that I was headed to pick up the kids, he asked me about the event. I was trying to easily sum up what I had just witnessed. I couldn’t really put a description together to share my experience.

And then on the drive home I finally realized that all those beautiful words of kindness, acceptance and grace were already etched in my heart.

I had no words.

You can watch the recording of the event here and decide what speaker may inspire you most.


Stay Sassy Y’all. 





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