Can you Lobby if you Don’t Hobby?


We found the perfect frame for our family picture.

Hobby Lobby just opened up a new store near our house.

We’ve been watching it go up since it’s so close to the gym, movie theatre, Home Goods and Nordstrom Rack near our house.

That shopping center is almost retail nirvana now.

I have absolutely no idea why I like Hobby Lobby so much. I don’t craft. I don’t sew. I’m not the greatest at projects that involve gluing anything. I scrapbooked once. It was at a friend’s party. I did two pages and then got sidetracked talking to everybody. And then I did like any good friend would do, I bought the most expensive scrapbooking package from her and promised that I would finish it at home! Which of course, I didn’t!

It’s like that song, “Don’t drink, don’t smoke….what do you do!” I’m not quite sure yet but I can honestly say that crafting is not in my gene pool.

But there’s just something about that store. Maybe it’s how they group everything by theme, patterns, color and trends that appeals to me.

Can we make chevron prints go away already? I mean, it’s been two years, that’s just about enough!

I marched in there with the twins this afternoon on a mission to find a picture frame. Of course, there were grand opening sales and the big banner out front. “NOW OPEN.”

Oh, the possibilities of unexplored retail square footage!

And as we strolled and looked around it appeared to me that we weren’t the only ones excited to see their new store open. Y’all , there were just as many tourists in there that were on their way to Fiesta Texas. How do I know this? They were all in their swimsuits and flip flops and my daughter felt the need to ask them where they were going in their swimsuits? Who knew she was the swimsuit police?

We needed to hurry because one of the twins only has the patience to shop for as long as there is a battery alive on my cellphone.  She hates shopping and we were working with only 30 percent on my phone. Life is full of risks and we were living on the edge in surburbia!

My shopper daughter on the other hand was in heaven. She had to touch everything and study the art supplies because she wanted to buy some with her own money. She decided that none of it was worthy of her hard earned money. She quickly refocused on wanting to sew something. Which immediately sent me into flashbacks of my 9th grade home economics class that I almost failed because I couldn’t hem pants or bake a chocolate pie. Who knew that making a meringue was so dang difficult.

I think Mrs. Fowler took pity on me after I almost burst into tears when I sewed the bottom of the pants to the pockets in what might have been my 100th attempt at hemming pants. Weren’t long pants in style back then anyway?

Beginning stages of our cupcake dress. Lord, help us!

Beginning stages of our cupcake dress. Lord, help us!

I’m not one to discourage my kids when they want to try something new. We forged ahead picking out a dress pattern, material and a sewing kit with all that she may need to complete  the “EASY” McCall’s  pattern number M6915.

And then I  was starting to break out in a nervous sweat.

The ladies that cut the material at Hobby Lobby overhead my daughter saying how she was going to sew her very first dress.

They wanted her to come back and model it for them. They just knew that the type of pattern we picked out was going to be so easy for her first sewing project. After all, her mom would be there to help her! My shopper daughter was beaming. She couldn’t wait to go home and get started.

On the other hand I was trying to figure out how I could take sewing classes before my shopper daughter was ready to put it all together.

I could google a class on my phone.

And then the battery died.

My non-shopper daughter then declared it was time to go, which was perfect because my shopper daughter was already picking out another pattern that might coordinate with the dress.

If we didn’t go soon, we might have a wardrobe big enough to dress the Duggar family!

She’s always liked to think big.

She’s always loved to experience new things.

She’s always living out loud.

I guess she did get a little bit from my gene pool.

Hobby or not.

Now, let’s get sewing.

Stay Sassy Y’all. 



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  1. Jane lane says:

    Please put up some pictures of what she creates.

    • We need to get past the cutting out of the pattern phase first! This is hard! I buy that iron on stuff for Brownie patches for a reason!

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